5 Appliances a Modern Kitchen Must Have for 2020

kitchen renovation

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and every year people spend millions of pounds updating and equipping the most important space in their home; their kitchen.

As we head into the new year, there will be many people planning a kitchen refurbishment for 2020, and there are some popular appliances and accessories that no kitchen in 2020 should go without.

Here is our quick guide to five of the appliances that every modern kitchen should have, even if you aren’t planning a major kitchen overhaul.

Better Lighting to Help Create a Scene

Changing the lighting in a space can completely change its look and feel. It can also be done quickly for very little expense.

Modern LED strip lighting systems are very cheap at the moment and can be installed just about anywhere. These remote control led strip lights can produce light in a range of colours, helping you to set a mood in the kitchen, and are often sold on adhesive strips making them simple to install under kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

A Pizza Oven for Authentic and Easy Meals

Clay pizza ovens are becoming incredibly popular, and there are solutions to suit any home. Many people will install a pizza oven outside in a barbeque area, but there are genuine clay pizza ovens available that can fit on a stovetop and are heated by your existing hobs.

A Wine Fridge for Your Favourite Labels

Wine has becoming one of the nation’s favourite drinks, and many homes are now installing home bars or dedicated wine storage to help them protect and preserve their favourite tipples.

Having a wine cooler in the kitchen is a great idea. If you visit wineandbarrels.co.uk you will find a wide range of dedicated wine fridges that can suit any need or budget, and bring some professional-quality wine storage to your kitchen wine wall.

A Fold Down Screen for Entertainment

Fold-down screens that can be installed underneath a kitchen cupboard are a great idea. You can use them to watch television or stream media while you cook and prepare food, so you don’t miss your favourite shows.

They often have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to stream your music to the screen to keep you entertained while cooking, and are a great way to cook along with your favourite cookery show or YouTube cookery channel.

Get Some Recipe Help with a Digital Home Assistant

People are finding all kinds of uses for Digital Assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home devices in many areas of the house, and the kitchen is no exception.

Digital Assistants can help you with recipes, cue up your favourite music, and even help you make a shopping list if you find yourself running low on supplies while you are cooking.

Our kitchens are probably the most important room in our house, and it is no wonder that families spend a lot of money every year to keep their kitchens up to date with the latest gadgets.

These five additions are surprisingly low cost and can give your kitchen a lot of modern conveniences that can cut down on the time you spend slaving over a hot stove and let you enjoy your kitchen even more than before.




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