Roborock S6 robot vacuum test: Roborock polishes a winning formula

Roborock S6 robot vacuum test

The Roborock S50 now has a successor with the S6. The manufacturer supported by Xiaomi had already made a strong impression with its previous model, which offered solid performance for a minimum of noise in operation. What about this new robot vacuum cleaner?

Xiaomi is well known for its countless smartphones, which flood the store shelves month after month. It is a bit of a quick thing to forget that the manufacturer, nicknamed the “Chinese Apple”, is developing many other ranges of devices, from television to electric scooters to home automation devices, with investments in the Roborock Company.

With the Roborock brand, the manufacturer wants to compete with the leaders of the sector, iRobot in the lead, with devices at a very affordable prices but which have nothing to envy in terms of quality of manufacture and performance.

A first contact that smells good quality

It is this impression that emerges from the device at first contact, once out of its packaging. The Roborock S6 does not offer incredibly innovative design and finally looks like any other robot vacuum cleaner, with its circular shape and housing on the top gathering the 14 sensors (one more than the S50) used for detection Objects.

It is of course complemented by its charging station, meanwhile rather discreet. A positive point to note: Roborock thought to include a housing to store the power cable and not to clutter the ground more than necessary.

First connection to Mi Home and first problems

Who says robot vacuum says necessarily application companion. Here is the Mi Home software that is responsible for connecting the device to a smartphone, and configures the beast before its first cleaning.

We will say it frankly: the quality of experience is not at the rendezvous. Registration on the Xiaomi home automation platform is painful, and we had to enter login and password three times before being able to access the dashboard and register the S6.

First cleaning: a rather accurate scan of the home

Once these small glitches are forgotten, place in the first cleaning. This cycle will allow the vacuum cleaner to scan the entire house to establish a complete map that will be useful later for programming.

The S6 was configured in its standard mode and it took him about 45 minutes to scan and clean 45 square meters. The operating mode of the device is both simple and effective. It begins along the edges of the room or area, before performing a zigzag scan to suck in every nook and cranny.

Performance at the height

Once the area is known, the Roborock S6 is always very effective. It took him 45 minutes to clean most of the apartment, plus access to a new room that had not been scanned before.

Regarding autonomy, this work will have made him lose 30% battery only. We can estimate that the device will be able to work continuously about 1H30 before automatically returning to its base to recharge its battery. For the majority of users, the lack of battery will never be a problem in everyday life. The noise produced by the S6 remains quite acceptable, regardless of the selected suction mode, and much lower than a traditional vacuum cleaner.

A convenient “soil washing” mode between two complete households

The Roborock S6 also offers a “soil washing” mode. Simply connect a dedicated water tank and install one of the mops provided to activate the option automatically.

The Roborock S6 is probably the best value for money available today

In the end, the Roborock S6 is a product very well thought out and finished. The device is fast and efficient in all situations. The manufacturer took care of his robot vacuum cleaner and offers here a nice demonstration of his know-how. The device is solid, accesses every nook and cranny and does its job brilliantly. His performances are unassailable.

The only real downside remains in our opinion the mobile application, very complete but poorly translated and optimized and can quickly be confusing for a neophyte user. It is a pity that the manufacturer has not treated this part, yet essential to the proper operation of the device.


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