What Factors Contribute to the Cost of a House Demolition?

What Factors Contribute to the Cost of a House Demolition?

Every year, upwards of 300,000 houses are demolished.

There are various reasons why one would want to demolish their home, one of which is to achieve the best results during a renovation.

So what goes on during a house demolition? Well, first of all, demolition experts will seek to remove all undesired and unsafe elements. They also dispose of, salvage, or recycle the debris before you start your renovation or reconstruction project.

How do you determine the cost of house demolition? Several factors come into play. In this friendly guide, we explain the various factors that determine home demolition costs.

The Type of Demolition

Generally, there are three ways of demolishing a house. The method you choose depends on what you require. Let’s examine each of them:

Selective Demolition

This type of demolition includes jobs where the property owner wants to remove one or more parts of the building, such as a single wall. The house demolition services do not interfere with the overall structure of the house. This type of demolition does not rely heavily on machinery but is generally more labor-intensive, which makes it relatively expensive.

Total Demolition

In total demolition, the property removal company demolishes the entire structure. This demolition involves the use of heavy machinery and is typically charged by the hour.

Manual Deconstruction

Manual deconstruction involves the identification of salvageable and recyclable material before demolition starts. Removal companies then remove these materials separately to reduce waste. This type of demolition is comparatively less expensive and is considered the most eco-friendly.

What Is Being Demolished

Regardless of the type of demolition you settle on, what you intend to demolish will influence the overall cost of demolition. Demolition of an interior non-load bearing wall, for instance, is generally less expensive than demolishing a structurally important, load-bearing, outer wall.

What if the demolition will include the removal of other structures from your property such as carports, sheds, or tennis courts? The total cost will be higher, so factor that in.

Geographic Location

The average cost of home removal varies from state to state. In California, for instance, it costs more to demolish a house than it does in Florida. And since you can’t change where your property is located, this is a cost factor you won’t be able to control.

So what should you do? The best idea is to shop around for contractors that can provide you with the best deals. Once you get a quote from a local demolition company, use it as leverage with the next contractor for a better price.

Size of the Structure

The majority of house removal contractors quote you a price depending on the square footage of your house. Currently, there is no standard per-square-foot cost for all contractors. That’s why you need to compare at least two quotes from two different companies before making a choice.

Of course, there’s a multitude of factors that can influence the difference in price between demolition costs, including location and the presence of asbestos.

Accessibility of the Property

How accessible is your property to home demolition contractors? That determines the preferred method of demolition and, ultimately, the demolition costs.

How good are the property’s gradients and access points? These factors are especially essential if the demolition requires the use of heavy machinery. If your property is far away from the contractor you’ve chosen, prepare to pay higher transport costs for the contractor’s tools and equipment.

The Presence of Hazardous Materials

Where the demolition will require the removal and disposal of hazardous materials, the cost is typically higher. That’s because of the extra risks and requirements involved.

For instance, the removal of asbestos, mineral fibers, and mold requires specialized equipment and more safety precautions and procedures. Where you’re dealing with asbestos, you need to hire a qualified professional, and that pushes the overall cost of demolition up.

The Foundation of Your Home

Do you wish for the foundation of your home to remain, or should it be demolished along with the rest of the structure? Foundation demolition can easily add thousands of dollars to the demolition costs.

The demolition expert will need to use heavy machinery like a backhoe for foundation demolition and concrete removal.

The Kind of Materials Used in Your Home

Different structures are made of different materials. Some homes are predominantly constructed using wood. Others use metal or concrete frameworks.

So how does the type of material influence the cost of demolition? Well, given that it is easier to demolish a wooden structure than a concrete or metal structure, you can expect to pay less where your home is made of wood and vice versa.

The Cost of Clearing and Disposing of Debris

Once the demolition is complete, the contractor won’t just leave without removing the rubble. That could prove hazardous and heighten the chances of accidents and injury. To prevent this, the house removal contractor must properly clear and dispose of all debris before leaving the site.

That means that you need to factor in the cost of debris removal and disposal. Keep in mind that the type of debris being removed, as well as the overall amount, will play an essential role in determining the final cost of demolition.

Permit Expenditures

In some cases, the demolition company needs to pay for permits before demolishing a structure. Where this is the case, the contractor will pass on this cost to you, increasing the overall amount of money you need to pay for a home removal.

Determine the Cost of Your House Demolition Project

The final cost of house demolition depends on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include what type of demolition you choose, the size of your property, the geographic location, and whether or not there are hazardous materials on the site.

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