5 Reasons to Go to Amsterdam for Your Stag Party

stag party

Have you been tasked with planning an epic stag party for one of your friends? A stag party (also known as a bachelor party) allows for a man to have one last celebration with all of his best buds before his wedding. Depending on your budget, taking a trip could be on your radar. And what better place to spend those last few days of freedom than in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam offers the perfect combination of epic adventures, rowdy nightlight, beautiful women, and relaxing accommodations. In just one weekend, you can have the ultimate celebration that your friends will never forget. Keep reading to learn about the top five reasons you should go to Amsterdam for your stag party.

Hit up the nightlight

Amsterdam has an active nightlight. To start hitting up clubs, all you have to do is venture into Amsterdam’s busiest entertainment hotspots, Leidseplein Square. During the day, Leidseplein Square offers coffee shops, cinemas, and a casino. At night, however, it is a prime location to go pub crawling. Massive clubs, all within a short walk of each other, offer live music and plenty to drink.

One of the most famous venues is Melkweg, which offers five different bars and outdoor terraces. In addition to the bars, Melkweg has club nights, cinema nights, and festivals. Right across the street from Melkweg is Paradiso’s, which is a club that was established in a former church. Paradiso’s offers live rock and punk music — famous bands such as Nirvana, The Killers, and Adele have all made appearances there. If you’re more in the mood for shots, hit up Chupito’s, a pub that offers hundreds of variation of shots, including flaming shots and extra strong shots.

Sail away on a beverage boat

Want something more private than a nightclub? Take a canal cruise of Amsterdam while enjoying unlimited drinks. Most of the city is below sea-level, so a canal cruise allows you to see the city in new ways. During a canal cruise, a captain or host will take you out on some of Amsterdam’s most famous canals and along the Amstel River. Some boats will even provide you with an audio tour. Tickets will cover the cost of the tour and unlimited drinks.

Most tours will be open to the public, but some companies, such as GetEvents Sightseeing Company Amsterdam, will allow you to organize a private party. On a private cruise, you can select the number of people that will be on the boat, choose if you want a tour or live music, and opt for an open bar. Some companies will even provide a catered meal. Most companies that offer stag party cruises will refer to the cruise as a “Beverage Boat” or “Booze Cruise”.

Participate in indoor sports

If you’re looking for an activity to do during the day, consider letting your inner kid out with some of the indoor sports options around Amsterdam. Go-karting, bubble football, laser tag, and urban ax throwing are all popular choices. Never heard of bubble football? It involves getting inside a giant inflatable ball and attempting to play a game of football. You’ll spend most of the time bumping into one another and bouncing off the ground. If indoor sports aren’t your thing, you can also partake in outdoor sports such as paintball and archery tag.

Most of these sports options are specifically designed to be enjoyed by adults. For example, one of the largest Go-Kart facilities in Amsterdam is Race Planet, and it has exclusive tracks that children aren’t allowed on. For all of the options mentioned above, you’ll be able to rent out a facility and so that you’re able to have a private celebration. Some places will even provide food and beer!

Experience the Red Light District

If you’re looking for some more risky nightclub life, take a trip to De Wallen, also known as the Red Light District. There, you’ll find sex shops, strip clubs, peep shows, a sex museum, and a number of coffee shops where you can enjoy some weed with your coffee. At night, this area is lit up with red lights. This district also has a fair amount of Asian-inspired restaurants for you to enjoy.

Similar to Leidseplein Square, you can spend all of your time in De Wallen pub crawling. There are many bars and clubs that offer drinks and live music, all within walking distance. But if you want some adult entertainment, consider hitting up La Vie en Proost. It is the most famous strip bar in Amsterdam. Nude stage shows take place every 10 minutes and the dancers will often come out into the audience to share a drink with you.

Soak up culture

It is easy to get caught up in the nightlife aspect of Amsterdam, but don’t forget to spend some time to do some sightseeing. Popular destinations include Concertgebouw (an internationally known concert hall) and The Van Gogh Museum. Several museums stay open late into the night, often hosting special events and live music. There are also plenty of places, such as the Civic Guard Gallery where you can find paintings from the Golden Age, that have free admission.

You also won’t want to miss the chance to explore the canals. Amsterdam is frequently referred to as the Venice of the North. You’ll be able to get some great photos for your social media accounts. The waterways are over 400 years old and are a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you’re not up for exploring the canals by boat, you can walk the narrow pathways around them instead. If you only have time to explore one canal, consider exploring the Singel. There are beautiful houses located along the canal, several historical towers, and a flower market. Other popular canals include Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht.

In summary

If you want to plan an unforgettable stag party, make sure to add Amsterdam to your list of possibilities! No matter if you’re looking to experience a new culture, get involved with nightlife, or simply have a good time, you’re sure to find something of interest there.



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