Who to Call After a Crime to Clean the Area

crime scene

A crime scene can be very disturbing. After witnessing a crime, most people’s reflexes stop working and they forget to react. However, any crime, be it murder, attempted murder, shootout or accident can escalate to something serious if quick actions aren’t taken. You must know whom to call like the criminal lawyers from www.rhalaw.com/murder-and-manslaughter and what to do after a crime.

While calling the police is the right thing to do, we often forget the most important part that involves a death or murder – the mess, the blood, and other body fluids – basically, crime scene cleanup St. Louis occasionally experiences many crimes, deaths, and murders. If something like this happens in your place, what will you do?

Who Cleans Up After A Crime

If you think the police or the investigators clean up a crime scene after the dead or injured have been taken away, then you are not right. They are very busy professionals and they certainly do not have the time, knowledge and the equipment to clean and sterilize a place.

After a crime occurs, it is often the crime scene cleaners, also referred to as forensic cleaners or bioremediation specialists, who clean and sanitize the place to prevent infection spread. It is hard to deal with death and we cannot expect the family of the dead to take efficient measures to wash and clean up.

Here’s why a Bio Clean 911is hired to do the needful and provide comfort to the family. The law enforcement and the investigators secure the area where the crime has taken place. They then collect the evidence and click photos. And they clear the place along with the body for post mortem investigation and carry further tests.

Why Do You Need Bioremediation Specialists

Blood is a major issue. The crime involves a lot of spilled blood, and if the blood is not properly cleaned, it could spread blood-borne disease to the rest of the family members or the occupants of the building.

While legally a special crime scene cleanup St. Louis is not mandatory, it is important to take special care to protect the health of everyone currently occupied in the building and of those who are involved in the cleaning process.

Professional crime scene and forensic cleaners are trained and licensed in chemical exposure, bloodborne pathogens, and the removal and disposal of dangerous bio-contaminants safely from the area to protect the occupants.

Steps Certified Professionals Follow:

  • They wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) specially designed for bioremediation, such as Biohazard coveralls, double-layered gloves, respiratory gears, goggles, and rubber boots.
  • They mark three zones – safe zone, buffer zone, and control zone – using duct tapes and plastic covers to separate the area from other parts of the building.
  • They clean and sanitize the area with good quality chemicals. They test the area to detect if any microbes survived after the cleanup.
  • Once the ATP level is marked zero, the allow public entrance.
  • Once the cleanup is complete, the forensic cleaners use appropriate disposal bags and containers to pack all the materials exposed to the crime, such as carpets, furniture, clothes etc., and dispose them off to a biohazard disposal site sanctioned by the authorities.

Now that you know whom to call after a crime scene, pass on the message to make more people aware.



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