Here’s How You Can Enhance the Luxury Element of Your Hotel Bedroom Furniture

luxury element for hotel bedroom

What makes a normal place of rest and relaxation, a luxurious element? Adding some of the exquisite design can be a great help in transforming a bedroom from drab to fab. A hotel room essentially has to be the one that makes the guests fall in love at first sight. for that it is important to design the room, keeping in mind the two very important aspects such as Rest and Luxury. The furniture plays the most vital role in turning up the luxury value of a bedroom.

Below are listed some luxury hotel bedroom furniture ideas that will help you achieve this objective.

  1. Hotel Beds

The luxury hotel bedroom furniture should ideally have beds that are uniquely designed. It should have plush, pillow-top construction that offers premium comfort and support to the end-user. A peaceful and comfortable stay is all that a guest expect to experience in a Hotel.

2. Bedside Table

Generally, the height of a common bed is 25 inches from the mattress on the floor. Thus the bedside table should ideally be 28 inches high. It should be placed in such a manner that the guest can easily reach the bedside lamp, books or the alarm clock placed on it. The correct placement of the bedside table will also add to the beauty of the bedroom. A phone stand and fresh flowers placed on it will definitely make things better.

3. Wardrobe

The bedroom wardrobe should be aesthetically good and spacious that inspires the guests to stay longer. The design and quality of the material used in manufacturing should be worth the money. You could even opt for some vintage wardrobe designs to enhance the feel of the bedroom. Moreover, these should be functionally easy to use so that essentials can be easily kept in the closet.

4. Bedroom Benches

Every guest wishes to relax on the bedroom benches after a hectic day of sightseeing. a bench manufactured using wood, glass or iron can enhance the overall look of the room. A better idea would be to place different combinations of bench in the room. This will give a pleasing look to the overall ambiance.

5. Dressing Table

A stylish dressing table can make all the difference in the overall feel of the hotel bedroom. The design should be in such a way that it does not cover a lot of space. It can also be integrated into a larger unit. The mirror size can be huge in such cases and a lot of storage space can also be utilized. This will provide a seamless design throughout.

6. Coffee table

In bigger rooms, a coffee table would be a worthy addition in the bedroom furniture of the hotel. This can be either a wooden table or a metal presentation made out of sturdy iron. Ideally, this could be a low height table which will be convenient in dining hours. The coffee table should be stain resistant so that the maintenance is minimized.

7. Television Stand

The placement of a smart LED television with access to Netflix can also play a vital role in enhancing the luxury feel of the room. You can opt for multi-functional television stands. The stand allows movement which makes it possible for the guests to watch television from any corner of the room.

You can also create a unique pattern around the television which provides a place for storing books. A T-shaped stand will not only save space but also adds to the overall ambiance of the room. This creates an eye-catching effect which will definitely leave the guests awestruck.

Another option for those desiring the traditional plywood look is to opt for a curved plywood shaped panel. This Flexi design not only holds the television securely but also has a sleek panel that has multiple sockets. All the audiovisual devices and cable inlets can be rooted through this shelve.

8. Study table

A set of study tables for the bedroom definitely enhances the look of the room. A wooden writing table designed with study teak finish would do the trick. A book rack placed on the edge of the table affixed to the same will add an element of style. Business clients at the hotel will definitely be inspired by its seamless design.

You could also opt for custom made hotel furniture as it has many advantages in the form of design, dimension, finish, and overall quality. Big furniture houses design customize bedroom furniture for hotels. This contributes to the overall ambiance of the property and creates more opportunities by attracting customers to take another visit. The above-listed design ideas when implemented will provide a relaxing experience for the guests and will usher in more business for the hotel.




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