Who Is The Orange Muppet On Sesame Street?


When you watch Sesame Street, you’ll see Muppets in every color you can imagine. Oscar the Grouch has bright green fur, while Big Bird is yellow. Grover is blue, while fan-favorite Elmo is red. However, if you recently started watching Sesame Street again, you may have spotted an orange Muppet that you don’t recognize.

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Who Is The Orange Muppet?

There have been many orange Muppets that appeared on Sesame Street, but none of them have been featured as prominently as Zoe. Zoe is a character that was introduced to Sesame Street in 1993. She is an orange-colored Muppet that frequently wears pink clothing or hair accessories.

Zoe has frequently appeared on Sesame Street since she was introduced to the show. It is common to see her alongside Elmo, but she interacts with other Muppets as well. Many children have grown up watching Zoe on the show, and to them, she feels like a core part of the cast.

Why Was Zoe Introduced To The Show?

The majority of the Muppets on Sesame Street were male. The Jim Henson company wanted to address this by adding new characters to the cast. Zoe has resonated with the young female audience that watches the show. It’s very common to see Zoe merchandise in stores.

Zoe was also brought onto the show because of other popular characters, like Elmo. When Elmo was introduced to Sesame Street, he quickly became one of the most iconic characters on the show. A large portion of Sesame Street is now dedicated to “Elmo’s World” segments. Zoe has a similar design to Elmo, and like Elmo, she is supposed to be a three-year-old Muppet.

Who Are Other Orange Muppets On Sesame Street?

Zoe may be orange, but that doesn’t mean that she’s the only orange-colored Muppet that appears on Sesame Street. Ernie, who lives with his best friend Bert, is another Muppet that’s orange. While characters like Beaker and Scooter have orange hair, they rarely appear on Sesame Street.

Because of this, people that search for the orange Muppet on Sesame Street are usually looking for Zoe. Many people that were born in the 80s grew up watching Sesame Street and now have children that are old enough to watch the show themselves. They are often surprised to see Zoe, since she was not present on the show when they were watching.

What Is Zoe Like?

Zoe is supposed to be a young girl with a prom dress that is very into her hobbies. She is especially interested in ballet. She was given a tutu for her birthday and regularly wears it on the show. Zoe’s other main hobby is drawing. She is frequently seen drawing pictures on the show.

Zoe is a big fan of fairies and is sometimes seen wearing fairy wings. One of her best friends on the show is Abby Cadabby, a Muppet that is supposed to be a fairy. She is another character that is regularly paired up with Zoe on the show.

If you’re curious about the orange Muppet on Sesame Street, you’ll want to take the time to learn more about Zoe. She is one of the most popular characters in the show’s cast.


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