6 Jobs For Creative People That Pay Well In 2019

jobs for creative people

‘There are no jobs’ and ‘creative jobs offer poor salaries’ are two notions people need to rid themselves of, according to Tilottoma, a leading Bangladeshi interior designer.

Question – ‘I would prefer a job where creative skills come in handy and pay reasonably well. Are there such jobs out there?’

As a leading interior designer in Dhaka, we face such questions repeatedly when interacting with interns or giving a talk at a job fair.

A lot of people seem to think that reasonably well-paid jobs exist only in the finance and tech sectors.

(Here, of course, I could go into a little spiel on how a lot of creativity goes into jobs in the finance sector – how subprime assets are creatively converted into safe assets and so on – but let’s leave that for another day.)

Jobs that require extensive creative input are eminently available these days. And the pay scales are quite respectable.

Take a look at some of the top jobs for creative people in 2019.

Music composer

Do tunes come to you naturally?

Can you translate musical ideas into notes on music sheets?

Then this is the perfect job for you.

Demand for music composers through to 2026 is projected to grow by as much as 9%.

User experience (UX) director

From developing product specifications to evaluating user experience metrics – the responsibilities of a UX director are widespread.

Whatever is necessary to create and maintain brand loyalty and consumer stickiness has to be planned by the UX director.

And with the Golden Age of brands – wherein brands could run at a loss for years as long as they kept up the hype – coming to an end, the demand for user experience directors can only go up.

Interior designer

Strike the right balance between aesthetics and ergonomics when you design the interior of a home or an office.

Full-service designers even have to get acquainted with project management as they seek to complete the client’s order within the pre-agreed schedule.

Demand for interior designers is poised to keep growing right through to 2026.

Makeup artists

With the advent of AI, quite a few paid positions in the film industry could vanish.

But do you really think machines will be planning the makeup routines of actors in the near future? Nope, I don’t either.

If you can take direction about a particular scene, visualize what the actor in question should look like and implement a makeup plan based on that, you should apply for makeup artist positions.

Demand for makeup artists is projected to grow by up to 14% through to 2026.


Do you have a penchant for convincing people about your point of view?

Can you talk stuff up and create a feel-good sentiment about them?

Then your talents lie in copywriting.

Copywriters write the content that goes into ads promoting specific products on various media.

The talents that will be useful are

· Coming up with persuasive and feel-good content.

· Being able to grasp the various features of the product being advertised quickly.

· Being aware of consumer trends so you know how to position your promotion.

Demand for copywriters is high already in advanced economies due to market saturation and brands fighting each other for the same consumers.

In an emerging economy like Bangladesh too, with incomes increasing and brands fighting to capture their slice in the economy, the demand for copywriters is bound to increase.

PR director

A PR director is in charge of the entire information dissemination process for a company.

In other words, what kind of message should go out, when it should go out, what medium would be best, all such decisions are taken by a PR director.

You will need more than just a way with words or a persuasive style.

You will need to understand public psychology for careers, how to best preserve and promote brand image among consumers and oversee the PR budget. You will also need to have good personal connections with influential personalities on media and social media.

Since this post tends to be higher in profile and responsible for financial decisions, a degree in communication and journalism could be mandatory to apply.

You could also be asked to have 5-10 years of work experience in public relations.

Have you found your dream job yet?

If you haven’t, don’t give up hope. Keep looking.

And if, in the meanwhile, you can take a few steps to boost your job satisfaction right now!


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