10 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Planning a Home Extension

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Are you planning a home extension to accommodate a growing family portrait or simply for the sake of a much-needed renovation? Either way, meticulous planning is essential to make sure a home extension goes smoothly. A home extension doesn’t just provide extra space, but it also adds to the overall value of your property.

Home extensions come in all shapes and sizes. If this is the first time you’re considering a project like this, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid.

1.Poor designing

The process of designing is just as important as the actual construction. Don’t make the mistake of rushing through this process to get the project started as soon as possible. Every single detail should be carefully planned. A poorly designed home extension will just prove to be expensive and inconvenient. It can even have an adverse impact on the value of your property. Do your research and hire an experienced and skilled architect.

2.Choosing the wrong builder

Choosing an experienced and reliable builder is crucial for any construction project. No matter the scale of your renovation, it is a huge time commitment. An ideal builder should offer easy communication and dependable workmanship.

Go through consumer forums, customer reviews and get recommendations to find qualified professionals for your project. It’s a big investment, you can’t risk hiring an ill-reputed company.

3.No budget

Before planning a renovation, it’s important to come up with a tight budget. It isn’t wise to plan and design a renovation only to find out that you can’t afford it. Therefore, estimate a budget in advance and save yourself from taking out a loan.

4.Extreme cost-cutting

Just because you’re assigning a tight budget, doesn’t mean you have to go to extremes when it comes to cost-cutting. Is it worth it to build an extension with cheap materials? Absolutely not! Using cheap construction materials can compromise the integrity of the structure. For high-quality concrete in Birmingham, get in touch with the experts at Pro Mini Mix.

5.Unrealistic expectations

A home extension is a serious commitment in terms of time and money. It’s necessary to have realistic expectations when entering the planning process. Discuss a timeline with your architect and contractors.

Also, keep a practical viewpoint when it comes to what’s achievable as to design and construction. It’s possible the renovation you were imagining isn’t feasible.

6.No value

What’s the point of home extension if it doesn’t add value to your property? Ensure the value-added is greater than the cost incurred.

7.Skipping formal contracts

Maybe you’re a person of your word but someone else might not be. Be on the safer side and get all your agreements and contracts in writing. Make sure you have all the paperwork signed by all the relevant parties. You don’t want to lose money or get into a conflict.

8.Overlooking small expenses

Yes, you have accounted for all the major expenses. But have you considered the smaller costs? Overlooking these small expenses can add up to a significant amount. So make sure you diligently take into account every single expense.

9. Not discussing it with neighbors

Your neighbors will be directly affected when construction begins. Show them respect by discussing it ahead of time. Whether you need access to their yard or the road will be temporarily blocked, make sure you keep them in the loop. Try to maintain a good rapport with them.

10.Forgetting planning permission

Imagine you planned everything, the designs are finalized and contractors hired. But you failed to get planning permission from the government. There couldn’t be a bigger disaster! Before making any down payments, make sure your planning permission application has been approved.

In conclusion, a home extension might not be as big of an investment as buying a house, but it requires a similar level of planning. We hope our tips help you out. Good luck!


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