Bridget Moynahan on Co-Parenting With Ex Tom Brady

bridget moynahan and tom brady

Despite being a critically appreciated model and actress, Bridget Moynahan found herself in the media for all wrong reasons. Till the time she was a single mom and had to take care of her son all by herself, the paparazzi haven’t been considerate. Let’s find out how things have worked out for her over the years and what it was like before.

Who is Bridget Moynahan?

Bridget Moynahan has been a cover model for years and her face has been in magazines like Vogue and Glamour. Before she got into big endorsements, she was a popular face on the silver screen. She even did films like Coyote Ugly, Lord of War, and I, Robot. Her character as Natasha in Sex in the City got her a lot of attention and also landed her the role in Blue Bloods.

The actress’s personal life has been a long source of gossip due to her relationship with American footballer Tom Brady. Being a mother to his child has long overshadowed her career accomplishments. But in reality, her career goes a long way than tabloid headlines. Let’s find out what happened and how the media got more interested in her personal life than professional.

Bridget Moynahan was forced to be a single mom

Tom and Bridget were together for three years before splitting in 2006. Tom later moved on with his current wife Gisele Bündchen, and that was when Moynahan revealed her pregnancy. Bridget’s life was upside down when she found out and said she never wanted to be a single mom.

Bridget might be a part of the tinsel town but her perspective is traditional. She always wanted a proper marriage and it was difficult for her to accept that her family wouldn’t be how she dreamt of.

Luckily, the model always had her friends and family members backing her up. Will Smith is a really close friend ever since I, Robot happened. She revealed how he used to pick up her calls quicker than anyone else just to make sure she’s okay through hectic schedules.

Bridget also revealed how she is exactly like the mother, she always dreaded to be like. But it didn’t take her long to become one and she relished every moment of her pregnancy. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed how being pregnant made her feel good. She said she felt beautiful and sexy to create a new life. She is also someone who keeps talking about her child.

The reason why she dreaded to become a mother as she is, is quite funny. Every time her son does something, she thinks he’s a genius. Isn’t that how all moms are?

Bridget Moynahan once spoke to Parade on the challenges of motherhood and social life. She also said that she’d rather be with her son than anybody else in the world. The actress also agrees how important it is to take care of oneself. She does that by meeting her closest friends and going to the gym.

Bridget Moynahan personality

Bridget has always been a tomboy even if you’ve seen her in the sexiest magazine covers. She loves to be healthy and keeps herself in good shape. Being a tomboy is how she grew up and that has a lot to do with her active lifestyle.

Moynahan used to play sports all through her life and during summertime she’d be in basketball or tennis camps. She once revealed that there wasn’t a time when she didn’t workout. It was a good habit that was instilled during her childhood, and that just seemed to stay.

A lot of people speculated that Tom Brady’s son might also take up football like his father. But to that, Bridget revealed that he takes interest in a lot of sports. Well, both the parents have always been active and that’s probably the reason why his interests grew too.

Bridget Moynahan and Andrew Frankel

After a lot of adversities and struggles, Bridget finally found the love of her life in Andrew Frankel. Andrew is an American business tycoon and he married Bridget in 2015. Recently, they took to social media to share their fourth-year anniversary and posted a picture of their wedding.

According to People, the couple met through a mutual friend and have been in ‘cloud nine’ ever since! They got married in an intimate wedding at Wolffer Estate Vineyards, Sagaponack on October 17.

The wedding for a surprise to the guests, as most of them were told that it’s just a harvest moon party. They were shocked to find out it’s actually Bridget’s reception. The wedding only included a few friends and family members. John Edward Thomas Moynahan, Bridget’s son was very much a part of the ceremony.

The actress’s throwback post made us take a moment to appreciate the beautiful mermaid grown she was wearing. It was a J. Mendel’s piece that was perfectly complemented with a fur jacket.

Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan on co-parenting Jack

Years have passed and things have gotten better between the ex-couple. When it comes to parenting John aka Jack, both are at it in their best ways.

While promoting her book – Our Shoes, Our Selves: 40 Women, 40 Stories, 40 Pairs of Shoes, the actress stated how she opened up about her pain during her split with Tom in 2006 through her writing. She also revealed to People, that the tabloid asking for scrutiny made situations worse for her.

Being a mom and having a baby are intimate moments. But she had cars following her and men hiding in bushes to find out the real truth of her pregnancy. Since Brady had moved on with Gisele and married her in 2009, it made the media more curious about who the father really was!

Bridget stated that she just wanted to protect her baby but the media attention was like a threat. Luckily, everything is smooth now and Tom sure is the biological father. They have both moved on in their respective lives, but definitely co-parent their child.

Tom raised Jack with Moynahan and their partners supported them all through. Their love for the child has been unparallel and she is happy that Jack is surrounded by the love he deserves.


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