Australian Weddings: What Makes Them Different

australian weddings

Weddings in Australia are distinctly different from those in other parts of the world, and there are many reasons for this. For a start, Australia was very much a new world that was made up of many different races, although early western inhabitants were mainly from the UK, so there are a lot of external influences in their traditions.

Multi-Cultural Environment
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A Multi-Cultural Environment

Australia is certainly a melting pot when it comes to the people who live there. The difference can even be seen in the wedding rings Sydney couples love, as they are normally coloured stones with unique designs. There are definitely Aboriginal influences in Australian culture, which is to be expected, as they were there for many thousands of years prior to the arrival of the British.

The Unity Bowl

This is a uniquely Australian tradition that involves all of the guests placing stones in a specially decorated bowl, which signifies love and support for the newlyweds. This tradition is said to stem from the first colonists who had little money and could not afford expensive gifts, and it is still practiced today.

Throwing Stones into a Lake or Pond

This is yet another ritual that stems from the early colonists, who saw it as a good luck omen, with both bride and groom throwing a stone into a body of water, which was said to bring good fortune to the couple. If there is a body of water near to the reception venue, it is likely that at some point, all the guests will gather around the water’s edge while the bride and groom prepare to throw their stones into the water.

Wedding Party
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Walking Down the Aisle

In Europe and the USA, it is traditional for the bride’s father to walk her down the aisle, yet Australia has always been about equal rights, and the mother is often the one to walk her daughter down the aisle, and very often, it is both parents. The same goes for the groom, who is often accompanied by both parents on this very special of days.

The Wedding Party

Australians are party lovers, and that is reflected in their wedding receptions, most of which are outdoor events, thanks to the glorious weather. You could never go to an Australian wedding party and not enjoy yourself, which is great for all concerned. If you’ve never experienced an Australian wedding, you are certainly in for a treat!

Buffet Meals

The vast majority of Australian wedding receptions offer a tasty buffet meal, and generally speaking, they are a little more casual about everything, not standing on ceremony. Expect to see a wide variety in the cuisine, and there will be something for vegetarians, even though Australians love their meat.

Buffet Meals
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Australian weddings are a breath of fresh air, and the joy that the people have is reflected in their celebrations. Plus, the atmosphere is always casual, so you won’t have to worry about etiquette, just be yourself and you’ll fit in just fine!


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