8 Crystal Clear Signs That You Need New Windows

8 Crystal Clear Signs That You Need New Windows

You can’t have the same windows forever.

As a homeowner, we understand that there are many expenses that you need to take care of on a monthly and yearly basis. It’s easy to let your windows go unnoticed for a long period of time, but replacement windows can have a positive domino effect on things like energy, heating, and your overall comfort.

In this post, we’re going to tell you 8 signs that you need new windows. Don’t neglect this problem any longer. Let’s get started.

1. You Have to Crank Them

If you’ve got those old school crank the handle windows, you’re going to injure yourself trying to open them. Opening your windows every day shouldn’t be hard work, it should take 2 seconds.

2. It’s Getting a Bit Drafty

When you experience the wind while you’re inside your home, then it’s probably the fault of your ancient, damaged windows. If there’s a significant draft when you stand near the window, it’s time for a replacement.

Current window technology is designed with security and warmth in mind, so you won’t have to feel the breeze.

3. Huge Winter Heating Bills

Are you getting massive heating bills during the winter months? It’s because your heat is escaping through the breaches in your windows and your house is having to go into overdrive to heat up.

The same thing will happen in the summer when you’re trying to air-condition the house. Replace the windows and you’ll actually be saving money when you consider these year-round energy costs.

4. Summer Heat

Without the air conditioning, does the summer heat drench your house more than your neighbors? Old windows lack proper insulation and many old window styles are ill-equipped to let airflow occur throughout your home.

5. It’s Getting a Bit Noisy

When you can hear the kids playing outside all day and their parents up partying all night, it’s because your windows are letting the sound through. Well-insulated windows will keep those little outside noises from bothering your rest and relaxation.

6. They’re Really Old

If you’ve never replaced your windows or you can’t remember when the last time you’ve done it, that’s a good reason to…well, get it done. Many homeowners neglect their windows and end up having the same ones for 20-30 years.

Like anything in your home or office building, windows need to be maintained and yes, sometimes replaced. You can shop here to get the latest and best window technology.

7. The Rest of Your House Has Been Updated

Your windows should match the aesthetic of your home or office. Either from the inside or outside, if you’ve got brand new decor and old, scratched up windows, it’s going to look strange.

When you’re making large-scale repairs, you should always replace the windows as well.

8. You Can’t Clean Them

Cleaning becomes difficult when 20 years of dirt, debris, and cracks build up. When hours of cleaning can’t give you crystal clear windows, it’s time to go shopping for some new ones. The difference will be astounding.

When You Need New Windows, Get New Windows

Don’t let your windows get to the point that they’re raising your energy bills and making you uncomfortable in your new home. You’ll know you need new windows as soon as you start feeling that first draft coming in.

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