How to Bring Back Studio 54 Costume Ideas in 2019?

studio 54 costume ideas

If you look at the current fashion trends, we are not too far away from hosting parties based on studio 54 costume ideas. If you’re not aware of it, but you’ve been asked to prepare for this party look, you need to know how this came through.

Studio 54 costume ideas take us back to the 70s’. It was an era of plunging necklines, big jewelry, sequin dresses, big hairdo, velvet jumpsuits, satin dresses, high-slit fluid fashion, and much more. The fashion trends are pretty much back in today’s date and we can’t help but admit how much they were ahead of time.

If you want to buy the perfect bodysuit and carry your champagne glass like you’re just into a 70s’ disco, you need to know how to dress yourself up. From the shortest of shorts to the largest of heels, from the bare legs to the nipple-showing clothes, the studio 54 costume ideas are too bold. You can get into your most glamorous self and your fashion to the next level with these tips. Here, we will discuss about what this fashion trend was like and how you can bring it back.

Why try studio 54 costume ideas?

If you’re planning to host a theme party, and you’re trying to understand this style, we will recommend you to give it a go. Many of the fashion trends that were a part of the 70s’ have come back and that’s why people will find it easy to grab their clothes. From high slits to jumpsuits, from sequins to velvets, all of these are current fashion trends and they’re going to make any party glam up.

If you want to make changes in your wardrobe by adding more such clothes, you can do that too. You will not only be setting trends but also reflect what a bomb you’d look while carrying out a retro style.

Every now and then, we should move away from classic fashion staples and try something that makes heads turn. This is why looking into these clothing options is necessary, irrespective of being at a disco or a fancy dinner date.

Style icons who inspire studio 54 costume ideas

You only set trends when people look up to what you wore years later. For instance, Bianca Jagger used to wear plunging necklines, tiny spaghettis, high slit dresses, sequins, and glitters, back in the 70s’. She was also famous for her fur heels! If you follow her footsteps, you’re definitely in for an amazing makeover.

You also can’t miss out on looking into the wrap dresses, fishnets and big hair carried out by Diane Von Furstenberg. She too used to wear big heels people couldn’t ignore. The jumpsuits worn by Jerry Hall and Cher topped with amazing hairdos are also inspirations to look out for.

There are also staples in studio 54 outfits that you already have in your wardrobe. When you go through the pictures, you’d know exactly how to mix and match and create your own style. Most women used to have long hair during this era. They used to part it from the middle and pair it up with fun accessories.

If you look through the images that suggest the kind of clothing that was worn back in time, you’d notice how much bodysuits were common. Many women nowadays are conscious of wearing bodysuits even when they have a toned body.

In order to try out studio 54 costume ideas, you need to go out of your comfort zone. It might feel tight but it is going to be worth the try. Unless you’re going to totally rock a trench coat or try a fur coat to cover your body, you need to try the bodysuits.

How to bring back the studio 54 look?

We have been seeing bits and pieces of studio 54 ideas being brought back ever since 2017. Currently, there are lots of outfits online that can help you get that look again. But the clothes we have right now are so nicely curated, that most of them don’t have wackiness anymore. In order to be prim and proper, we try to wear the best we have and flaunt it in a fancy way.

Back in time, fashion was not just about wearing the best. Fashion was about making a mark, being a rebel, and breaking rules. If you really want to experience what that is like, you need to style yourself exactly how women used to back then.

In order to do that, you need to pick a piece of clothing that not only matches the studio 54 costume ideas but is also daunting for you to try. You might be someone who has always worn subtle clothes. For someone like you, getting into a sequin bodysuit could seem loud. You might also not be someone who wears stilettoes, flaunts cleavage, or wears high slits. You have to get out of that and become the creative self.

Also, you might not be comfortable to expose your nipples. In many parts of the world, you can be behind bars if you do so. But you can always wear a mini skirt, sequin pants, and have a retro hairdo.

Final thoughts

The fashion trends right now can really help you buy and style yourself in a studio 54 model. You just need to know what to wear and how to bring back the 70s’ look. The look is not the most subtle, elegant, and might not even seem beautiful to everyone. It is more about trying something new and getting into the skin of what women used to wear back then.

Make sure you know how to get your hair done and pick the right kind of accessories. Since the clothes right now do resemble some of what people wore in the 70s’ you will need the add-ons to make it look retro.

Try out this look for your next event or simply plan a party where everyone tries this fashion trend. It is definitely going to be bold but the excitement will keep you all going.


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