DIY Greenhouse – Learn How to Do it with PVC Sheets

diy greenhouse

Would you like to start hitting the good stuff and grow your own veggies? Did you know you can extend your growing season by more than a month using a DIY greenhouse? That could make the difference between pumpkins that ripe or not come Halloween. It’s simple to build your own greenhouse and it won’t break the bank. In fact, it could make you healthier and save you money.

A greenhouse can be made in different ways and with different materials. It’s not unusual for DIY greenhouses to be made of plastic PVC pipe and plastic sheeting, which you can easily obtain from sites like

The steps involved in making a PVC greenhouse are:

Finding the Just the Right Place

The greenhouse must be erected on a flat level surface and the flat level surface in just the right place. There must be plenty of sunlight for as much of the day as possible and it should not be in the direction of strong winds.

Build a Firm Foundation

The next step of the greenhouse build is to install rebar stakes. Dig the stakes down at the four corners of the greenhouse. The rebar stakes should be 2 to 3 feet below ground to provide a solid foundation. It should also be at least 1 foot over ground level. You can increase the length of stakes above the ground according to your desired height of greenhouse.

Next, install support ribs between the four corners. The distance between the support ribs depends upon the amount of snowfall per year and the average intensity of the wind. For places with more snowfall and stronger winds keeps the ribs closer to each other. On average, the support ribs are installed 2 to 4 feet apart from each other.

Roof Frame

Now, insert the PVC pipes in the rebar stakes. Keep the length of the PVC pipe according to the desired height of the greenhouse. Use adhesive epoxy for securing PVC in place.

Center Support

For the center support, place a spine brace over support ribs. For this purpose, you can either temporarily install the spine brace with wires or use 4 way PVC connectors to fix them permanently at this point.

Entrance Sheet

Now it’s time to wrap plastic sheet for entrance. For this, you need to snap clamps. Using snap clamps snap the plastic to the front and back of the ribs. Leave extra plastic at the top and fold it so that snap clamps are fixed in their place. Also, leave some extra plastic at the bottom of the entrance. Now screw the wood through the wrapped plastic at the bottom and top.

Side Walls

Finally, wrap the sides of the frame with the plastic sheet and leave extra on the sides for fixing and trimming. Use snap clamps to make your sheet fix securely on the ribs. Use UV resistant and weather resistant tapes for securing the plastic sheet well in its place.

Now your DIY greenhouse is ready and you can really start work on whatever it is you are planning on growing. You’ll soon settle down to enjoying the tranquillity gardening under plastic and the quirkiness of your own plastic DIY greenhouse and be producing spuds and greens by the bucket full of herbs and salads, summer flowers in spring and late fat summer skincare with fruits in fall. You and your DIY greenhouse will be the envy of the neighborhood.


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