How Set up Your Basement Man Cave for Gambling

How Set up Your Basement Man Cave for Gambling

Every man needs a place in his home when he can spend time with the boys and recharge. A man cave provides a place of solace where you can do stuff that’s important to guys, such as gambling.

If you have space in your home to for a hideaway just for you and the guys, this article has man cave ideas to help create the ultimate gambling room. Fortunately, the process is easier than you might imagine.

Keep reading to learn some great tips for creating the ideal basement man cave where you can escape from the world.

First Things First

Before you get started, you’ll need to spend some time figuring out exactly what you’re wanting from your man cave. After all, every dude is different.

Some guys want to focus on making their gambling room truly feel like a casino, while others merely want gambling to be a small part of overall vibe of the space. Some man caves are designed to feel like a sports bar, along with a poker table so that the guys can play cards while they watch the game.

Going into the project with a firm grasp of your goals for the room will help you maximize the end results.

Gaming Ideas

Next, you’ll need to decide what time of gaming ideas to include. Perhaps you’ll want a poker table, some slot machines, a roulette table, or even a craps table to make your gambling room as authentic as possible.

There’s really no limit to what you could include. The key is to fill the space with items that will see plenty of use rather than getting ignored. So spend time thinking about what you and your bros most enjoy before breaking out the checkbook and spending hard-earned cash.

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Colors and Lights

Now let’s focus on the overall aesthetic of the space. Design is all about creating a cool gambling vibe. Keep in mind that the colors and lighting you choose will have a huge impact on your man cave experience.

Most man caves should exude masculinity. So consider colors and lighting that add nuance and create an atmosphere that helps you get into the gambling spirit.

An Open Bar

No man cave for gambling is complete without a bar. Your bar should be well-stocked with all types of beer, vodka, whiskey, etc., and it should be free. That’s right, never ask your friends to pay when they show up for an evening of gambling. Drinks should always be on the house.

Don’t Skimp on the TV

Current technology has made it possible to have the latest and greatest widescreen TV around. In fact, you can get something amazing for less than $1000. And that’s important for when you have the boys over to watch the big game while you deal the cards.

The Ultimate Basement Man Cave

In this day and age, every guy needs a room where he can recharge from the daily grind. Fortunately, the tips contained here can help you put together the ultimate basement man cave in no time!

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