Here Are the Option of Wardrobes for Your Spacious Bedroom

wardrobes in bedroom

If you are having a large bedroom, and it still has a wide empty space, you might want to have it filled with some furniture that is beneficial for you. You might want to place the furniture which is not only useful but also can give a strong contribution in the aesthetic value of your room. Therefore, we highly recommend you to consider letting that empty space used by a wardrobe.

Having a big wardrobe in your room will certainly give you a lot of advantages. It will give you extra spaces to put your clothes and shoes, so you can keep your bedroom tidy all the time. Your clothes can also be folded and stored safely, so you don’t need to worry that they will get spoiled by any stain from drinks or snacks in your bedroom. A wardrobe can also be an additional asset for the beauty of your room. There are multiple designs of wardrobes that vary with different material and color, which you can choose for your spacious bedroom. Here are some options that we recommend:

1. Sliding Wardrobe

This type of wardrobe has two sliding doors on both sides. So it won’t take a lot of spaces in your room because you don’t need extra spaces for pulling and pushing the wardrobe doors. This wardrobe consists of multiple shelves and drawers. You can conveniently hang your shirts and dresses, store your accessories like wallets and belts, and keep your jewelry boxes safe inside. This wardrobe can make your room look more stylish.

2. Elevated Cupboard

This type of wardrobe is tall and can provide you more spaces to keep your clothes and other belongings safe. Not only you can keep your clothes, bags and shoes inside, you can also store your books in the elevated cupboard. You can easily place your stuffs inside and manage your room free from all the clutters.

3. Vinyl Doors

This wardrobe is very commonly used in the modern style of living, like in an apartment. This wardrobe has vinyl doors and aluminum frames. The vinyl doors wardrobe consumes less space and has a simple yet modern look.

4. Multi-Panel Sliding Doors

This wardrobe’s frame is silver and its doors are placed on tracks, so you can easily slide it when you want to take your clothes. This type comes with different colors that you can choose by your own preferences, to beautify your room.

5. Vintage

If you are into a classy and vintage style, then this type of wardrobe can be the best option for you. This wardrobe will certainly add an elegance value in your bedroom. It consists of many drawers and shelves that you can use to store your clothes, jewelries, and your favorite accessories.

6. Laminated Doors Cupboard

If you want your own custom wardrobe, where you can creatively drawing and painting the cupboard doors so it can meet your own expectation, this is the perfect choice for you. You can pour your creativity into the doors of this wardrobe. This wardrobe is also affordable, so you don’t need to worry of spending too much money on it.

7. Mirror Doors

This kind of wardrobe is able to give you the sensation of larger room, because it has the reflective mirrors on the cupboard doors. It can also be beneficial to add more natural lights in your room, if you place it near the window to reflect the natural light all over the room. This wardrobe comes with a reasonable price on the market.

Those are the great wardrobe options that you can choose for your bedroom. If you are living in Sydney and want to look for Wardrobe in Sydney then you can call for assistance from the wardrobe builder and designer nearby to help you with building the wardrobe or give you the best recommendation and advices about which wardrobe is the most suitable for you.



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