Putting an End to Excessive Strain: 3 Tips for Fixing Your Posture When Gaming

tips for fixing posture gaming

Universities are offering majors and scholarships in eSports, how to code games, the market in mobile sensation gaming, and compete at the highest level. Reuters claims, “Gaming is now the world’s favorite form of entertainment, as the gaming industry generated more revenue last year than TV, movies, and music did.”

The popularity doesn’t mean much to the committed gamers who keep their hands moving, eyes focused, and ears perked. Few things demand as much attention. What gamers may not notice — until it is too late — is that gaming produces major stresses on the brain and body.

You can refresh the brain with some time away from the game and getting some rest and fresh air. But the strain on your posture is something you can reduce.

3 hot tips for fixing your posture:

This takes some common sense. If you want to play for hours or competitively, you must be comfortable — not just comfy but ergonomically situated.

1. Think about it! If you want to compete in eSports, you must admit it is a stationary sport. With no running, no jumping, there is little opportunity to stretch, turn, or improve your oxygen intake and blood circulation.

The nature of gaming will not change this, but you need to offset the negatives. Good posture helps reduce the work on your lungs and pressure on your immobile muscles. Without proper positioning, you will feel pain and fatigue in the shoulders, neck, and lower back as well as fingers and wrists.

2.Set it up! You might start playing on your back, sprawled across a chair, or spread on your belly on the bed. But if you want to play seriously and compete at your best, you must pay attention to your physical environment.

You should start with a table set just below your elbow position. Ideally, you should invest in a table you can raise or lower to vary your stance. The monitor should sit so you can look at it straight and slightly downward without straining your neck. And, you want to keep your wrists as straight as possible and feet flat on the floor.

3.Sit well at the game well! Writing for Vice, Alex Tisdale quotes a chiropractor who treats “postural syndrome,” regularly, “referring to anyone with rounded shoulders, a hyper-extended neck, and a hunched back.” As a gamer, himself, he recognizes the cause as playing without a proper chair.

The most comfortable gaming chair will feature ergonomic benefits. Padding on the seat, back, arms, and headrest will reduce muscular tension. Adjustable lumbar support will support the lower back. And, you’ll want a headrest that adjusts vertically and horizontally to support the head and neck.

One size does not fit all!

You will find your gaming set up more comfortable if you come to it more relaxed and refreshed. You’d be smart to do some stretching and deep breathing before you start. But if you expect to spend a few hours or more at the monitor, you’ll need an ergonomic environment with positive effects from desk to monitor to a comfortable chair.


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