7 Easy Tips for Preparing Your Home for Fall

prepare before fall


Before fall arrives, it is very essential to prepare your home for fall. It is always best to prepare your home before disaster occurs. Tackling the seasonal maintenance well in advance keeps the home in tip-top shape. Below is the list of 7 easy tips for preparing your home for fall:

Get the water heater and furnace serviced

It doesn’t mean that you can’t take charge of maintaining your water heater and furnace when the weather is pleasant. So, before the fall arrives, make sure that you inspect them thoroughly and remove the materials which are showing any sign of damage. So, without wasting any more time, fix an appointment with a professional and get them checked.

Clear all debris

Make sure to clear all the debris from the roof, gutters, rain spouts, etc. Though this seems to be something full of hassle, however, it is very important and needs to be done before the fall.

Inspection of roof

Make sure that you hire a good and reputed roofing professional for inspecting your roof. Inspection of the roof thoroughly is very essential before the fall so that you can fix any issues before it is too late.

Repair the leaking pipes

It is very essential to repair the leaking pipes before the temperature drops too low. You need to understand that if the leaking pipes don’t get fixed before, then in the winter months, they can actually freeze and burst. So, if this happens then you would have to face more problems due to the major flooding damage. It is always better to fix the minor issues before major issues takes place and waste people’s time, energy and money. Apart from this, it is also very important to insulate all the exposed pipes around the home as they are mostly prone to freezing.

Inspect your foundation

Just like any other parts of the home, the foundation needs to be inspected regularly too for ensuring that they are secure. So, you need to remove any vegetation or debris from all over your foundation. Moreover, it is also very essential to look if there are any cracks on the basement walls. If you find the cracks then make sure that you seal them immediately without delaying any further as even the smallest cracks can grow and become a serious problem.

Entry points of crawlspace and foundation

Make sure to seal all the entry points of your crawlspace and foundation because pests and animals tend to seek shelter in these types of places due to lowering of the temperature. So, if they get there, they would get into your home eventually.

Maintenance of fireplace

If you are having a fireplace at your home then annual maintenance of fireplace is something which is very essential for you. Make sure to hire a good professional for inspecting and cleaning the chimney thoroughly. The professional whom you would hire needs to carefully look for any type of cracks in the mortar and brick and fix it immediately because if left undone then it can be really dangerous and create more problem. Also the placing the correct types of sofas around the fireplace is a great start.



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