Feeling Crafty? Here Are 6 Unique Home Decor DIY Ideas

Feeling Crafty? Here Are 6 Unique Home Decor DIY Ideas

Some of the most amazing home decor pieces are the ones that you make yourself. If you haven’t stayed up on the latest home decor trends, then you might be surprised to learn that many of the most popular home decor items are ones that resemble DIY crafts and designs.

And because DIY is an “in” trend and a broad term, there are so many different DIY styles to choose from. This makes it easy to find something to create that you’ll love to place in your home. Are you not sure where to begin?

We have several home decor DIY ideas that we know you’ll fall in love with. And luckily, these crafts are so easy that anyone can pull them off! Are you ready to get crafty and spruce up your home?

Continue reading below for 10 unique home decor DIY ideas that will leave you impressed with yourself!

1. Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is one of those super simple DIY crafts that anyone with a paintbrush could do well. This paint can be painted onto your home’s walls, onto a cupboard, or the front of a drawer. And although your mind might go directly to a children’s playtime, this DIY craft is enjoyed by all ages.

Chalkboard paint creates an instant area ideal for leaving notes for yourself or your spouse, creating a shopping list, or just some fun doodling. And yes, of course, your children will enjoy it as well. Do keep in mind that this paint comes in both black and green, so choose which one you’d enjoy best.

You should also plan to use a good couple of layers of it when creating your board. The more layers you have, the more durable it is.

2. Pallet Coffee Table

If you have been keeping up with the latest and greatest on DIY trends, then you most likely already know how popular wooden pallets have been lately. It seems like people are finding new ideas and different things to do with them each and every day. With that being said, grab yourself your own wooden pallet and get to work!

A pallet coffee table is a nice added rustic touch to your home. You can stain the pallet and paint it to match other furniture pieces in your home. And because pallet tables are so easy to make, many designs don’t even require you to use power tools of any sort!

3. Rustic Shelves

Love the rustic style? Then you’ll also love creating your own rustic shelves. You’ll have to put a little bit more effort into making these shelves than you did with the pallet coffee table, but it’s worth the effort!

Add some much-needed storage to your den, office, kitchen, or other rooms by creating these floating rustic shelves. You will need a power drill and some other tools to complete the project, but overall it’s a fairly simple task to complete.

4. Blanket Ladder

Have you ever seen those super cute and stylish ladders that rest against the wall holding blankets? The look is popular this year, and we can’t get enough of it. If you enjoy cuddling up to your couch and watching movies while feasting on popcorn, then your home needs this blanket ladder.

Unfortunately, these ladders can get quite expensive when bought at the stores. However, you’re in luck! There are simple DIY versions of this cozy home decor item that you can create in no time.

If you have a small wooden ladder lying around the house, it’ll work perfectly for this project. If not, you can buy a simple short wooden ladder and lean it up against your living room wall. Once you have it in place, just add a couple of blankets on the steps, and your work is done!

5. Side Table From Books

Do you have several old dictionaries or encyclopedias lying around? If so, gather them up and use them to create a side table made from books! First, you’ll need a piece of wood for the tabletop.

A nice round piece of wood works well to contrast with the square or rectangle books. Paint the wood piece any color or stain that you’d like. Then, cut wood trim to create a frame that fits around the book that’ll be at the top.

Nail this frame to the bottom of the round piece of wood. You’ll then want to drill a hole big enough for a peg of metal, wood, or plastic to fit into. Once you’ve done this, slide the peg through the holes with glue.

This will ensure that the books stacked on top of one another won’t fall. You can twist them in all different directions or keep them straight. Attach the peg to the underside of the tabletop, and you’re done!

You’ve now created a unique piece of custom furniture that only your home will have!

6. Wall-Mounted Easel

The last DIY home decor idea that we have for you is a wall-mounted easel. An easel mounted to your wall is fun for the entire family, but especially the children. Let your kids have at it when they get home and are full of energy.

But don’t let the kids have all the fun! You can have fun with it too by drawing your own pictures. You can also use it to write down your grocery lists and such for easy remembering.

What Home Decor DIY Ideas Will You Try?

After reading our list of fun and simple home decor DIY ideas, do you know which ones you’re wanting to try? With so many great options to choose from, you might even want to try a few of them if not all!

If you enjoyed reading this post, check back with us frequently for more similar posts!


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