Four Vacations for Photographers

vacation photography
Photographer in Phuket, Thailand

Taking a holiday from work means you get an opportunity to explore the world, or just to recharge and indulge in some of the riches life has to offer.

For an avid photographer, it’s a fantastic time to do both. If you’re looking to take a trip to perform this hobby, then you may want to have a look at these glorious destinations to follow:

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1. Norway

This is a beautiful country with a fantastic landscape, so is perfect for those of you who love a dramatic scene. Norway’s deep fjords offer photographers a great many opportunities no matter what time of year. If you go at the height of summer, though, the sun barely sets and will give your photos a great look if you wait deep into the night.

You could also go later in the year, and experience the stunning aurora borealis (northern lights). Then there are the picturesque, historic urban areas of Bergen, and the capital city, Oslo, if you prefer buildings as your subjects.

2. Botswana

This African nation is well known for its safari travel in abroad, and one of the best places for you to go and watch (and photograph) the wildlife is at the Okavango Delta. It’s the world’s only inland river delta and allows you to capture shots with lily-filled flood plains. There’s also a large concentration of animals in this area, so there’s a great chance you’ll spot a number of the animals you’ll be hoping to snap.

There are a number of decent times to go to the Okavango Delta. May is good as the floodwaters reach the delta, attracting wildlife. October is the hottest month but still offers great viewing opportunities.

3. Brazil

You might be expecting a recommendation to go to the Amazon or the city of Rio for its beaches. While you’ll still have some great photo opportunities in these places, you also might want to go somewhere a little off the beaten track – and we suggest the Pantanal region, which is right in the middle of South America.

It’s the largest tropical wetland in the world and covers an area the size of Washington State in the US. It also has the highest concentration of wildlife on the continent – so you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. There are many bird species to spot, along with animals such as jaguars, capybaras and green anacondas.

4. China

China is a vast country that has tremendous countryside and striking cities. So, you have a great choice of places from which to choose if you decide to take your photography holiday here.

Of course, there are sites such as the Great Wall of China, and the Shanghai skyline, but one other area you may wish to think about are the provinces of southeast China. The rice terraces of Yuanyang, in the Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan province, in particular offer great photo opportunities – especially at sunrise. There are a number of places to choose from for these photos, so have a look at what’s best for you.


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