What Are the Best Batteries for Solar Energy System for Your Home

What Are the Best Batteries for Solar Energy System for Your Home

Solar power isn’t as expensive or difficult to set up as it used to be.

If you care about your footprint and want to make environmentally conservative choices, then solar power may be a good solution. But you’ll need the right battery.

You’ll want to consider all your needs, from power and capacity to the life of the battery. Here are the best batteries for solar power storage.

High Capacity Batteries

The capacity of a battery is how long it will last. You measure capacity in kWh (kilowatt-hours).

This is one factor to consider when buying a battery, but keep in mind that you can get more capacity by linking several batteries together. So if you like a battery but aren’t happy with its capacity specs, consider buying two or three to get the capacity you need.

Batteries with High Cycle Life

Lithium-ion batteries are great for storing energy because they can be grid-tied. They’re a top choice for smart energy because they use power more efficiently. Although they cost more than other types of batteries, when you factor the cost make sure to take into account their cycle life.

Many lithium-ion batteries will last at least 3000 cycles (one charge up and one power drain). Some will even last longer, up to 5000 cycles. This means you can use the same battery for up to 15 years.

Compare the cost of one battery for 15 years over the cost of low-cycle batteries like flooded lead-acid batteries, which last only 300-500 cycles and need replacing after about 4 years.

High Powered Batteries

The power of a battery is how much energy it can give you all at once. You measure power in kW (kilowatts). A high-powered battery can run more appliances and tools at once, so take into account your needs.

Your appliances at home will list their energy needs in watts or amps, so you may need to use a conversion chart or app to help you compare how well your battery will work.

High Warranty: Best Batteries for Solar

Take a look at how much of a warranty the battery companies will offer you. Some will warranty the battery for a certain number of years. This often has a capacity caveat, like at 8 years, they’ll warranty that it will still charge to 80% of the capacity it had when you bought it.

Others look at the number of uses. For example, they might warranty 4,000 cycles. And many companies warranty either cycles or years, whichever comes first.

You want to buy from a company that stands behind its product, and their warranty can help you identify that type of company. It indicates the integrity of the company and its values. It also tells you if you’re getting a low-quality battery.

Taking Care of the Environment

The best batteries for solar are the ones that work for your home. The capacity, cycle life, power, and warranty are important considerations as you shop for the right batteries to store your home’s solar energy. While it takes some work to find the right one, know that you are doing the right thing by converting your home to renewable resources.

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