The Chaos After the Storm: What to Do After a Hurricane

The Chaos After the Storm: What to Do After a Hurricane

There is an average of about ten hurricanes that hit the U.S. on a yearly basis. The severity of these storms can range from minor incidents to complete destruction in some areas. And, of course, residents of these places with hurricane damage are often left anxious, scared and confused after it’s over.

Having a natural disaster sweep through and turn your whole life upside down is a difficult situation to deal with. However, there are steps that can help you and your family bounce back smoothly.

Keep reading to check out these tips on what to do after a hurricane.

Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

If you’re a parent or have loved ones or pets living with you then you probably instinctively know what to do after a hurricane. One of the first things you should absolutely do is go to find family and friends to make sure everyone is alright.

It would be beneficial to make a hurricane emergency plan that includes where everybody meets once everything clears. This can cut down on search time and worry.

Check for Any Damages

Depending on the level of the hurricane your house and property may have some damages. The next tip on what to do after a hurricane is to thoroughly assess the entire place to take account of anything that may be broken or destroyed.

You might want to take photos of your home before the hurricane begins to be able to compare for your insurance company if any damages do occur.

Call Your Insurance Company

Speaking of your insurance company, you’ll definitely want to call them as soon as possible to take care of any hurricane damage that you notice. File a claim for anything that may have been affected by the storm- small or significant.

Make sure your report to your insurance agent is specific and accurate.

Prevent Possible Incidents

Hopefully, your house is in good condition but you might see a few things that raise red flags, such as excess water or leaks. If this is the case take precautions by doing as much patchwork as possible or using tarps.

Avoid going near the water and do what you can to get as much of it out as possible to avoid further damages. Cover your furniture to also prevent costly incidents.

Follow Local News Updates

Local news broadcastings will be covering updates on what’s going on in the area and further steps for the area on what to do after a hurricane. Listen in to keep up with any restrictions or help that may be offered.

Apply for Assistance

You may have endured some severe damage that you’ll need some extra help with. If this is the case, you can apply for assistance with FEMA (if qualified) to help with homeowner expenses.

Got More Questions on What to Do After a Hurricane?

Life after a natural disaster can be frightening and even disheartening. But there are ways to get yourself and your family back on track. Follow these tips on what to do after a hurricane to help you with the aftermath process.

If you’re looking for more guidance on how to clean things up after a disaster then check out the home section of our blog.


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