Top 5 Uses of Vegetable Glycerin as an Industrial Manufacturing Ingredient

Top 5 Uses of Vegetable Glycerin as an Industrial Manufacturing Ingredient

Beauty products of natural ingredients are globally trending nowadays because people are becoming aware of the long-term cosmetic impacts on the skin. If you are planning to start a business of skincare products, it is advisable to gain complete information regarding natural alternatives of synthetic ingredients. One of the universal ingredients of skincare products in current times glycerin. This is an odorless & colorless substance with a sweet flavor. Right now, glycerin is available in three different variants i.e.:-

  1. Vegetable glycerin

  2. Animal fat glycerin

  3. Petroleum bi-product glycerin

Among these three options, glycerol is a much better option because of various reasons that you will come to know in the article below. Before going further, you need to understand the process of formation.

The Manufacturing Process of Vegetable Glycerin

As the name illustrates, this kind of glycerin is the final product of vegetables after processing them. Vegetables rich in triglyceride fat are the primary sources of extracting glycerine. Soy, palm and coconut are the most common sources for vegetable glycerol that you buy from the market. At the industrial level, the oil is extracted from these vegetables and then heated under a certain level of pressure with the co-occurrence of strong alkali. Generally, lye is the most common alkali because of its ease of availability. After the completion of the process, fat is separated from glycerin and we get a transparent substance that is sweet in taste. Now, we are going to elaborate on some significant benefits of vegetable glycerin for skin and various other purposes.

Most Common Uses of Vegetables based Glycerin

  1. Sun protection

This humectant creates a protective shield on your skin that protects epidermis tissues from damage. The glycerol element has natural properties to repel harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. If you are planning to manufacture sunscreen lotions, this is the perfect ingredient.

  1. Moisturization

In moisturizer lotions and creams, the vegetable version of glycerin acts as a viscosity agent that is suitable to moisturize your skin adequately. In high-quality moisturizers, manufacturers use it for meeting the need of humectant. Whether you are going to manufacture foot lotion or face cream, this is a universal ingredient.

  1. Skin cleansing

The skin cleansing products like face wash and soap require glycerin in abundance because of the anti-bacterial properties. It is capable of cleaning skin pores by removing extra oil and dirt. It is suitable for all kinds of skins including dry, oily and normal.

  1. Hydrating skin

For youthful glowing skin, you need adequate hydration. However, pollutants and dry badly affect the hydration level. You need a protective shield in order to keep the upper layer safe from sun damage and pollution. Moreover, it also soothes your skin from irritation and protects against various kinds of infections.

  1. Skin whitening creams

Beauty products manufacturers use vegetable based glycerin for skin whitening because it has properties to lighten the pigment. It reduces the impact of melanocyte pigments if applied as a topical. If you read carefully on foundations and other skin whitening products, it will be the universal ingredient.

Why vegetable glycerin is better than its synthetic and petroleum byproduct version?

  1. It is a natural substance that can easily adjust to your skin. This humectant agent is safe for applying on all kinds of skins.

  2. Along with moisturization, it also heals your tissues and helps in recovering fast from any damage.

  3. The natural glycerol has properties to preserve other ingredients of beauty products for a long time.

These are some of the most convincing reasons to prefer glycerin made with vegetable oils. Synthetic options are cheaper but effective and safe enough to use for all kinds of beauty products.


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