Fix a Garbage Disposal With These Foolproof Tricks and Tips

Fix a Garbage Disposal With These Foolproof Tricks and Tips

Invented in 1927, garbage disposals have become a staple of the kitchen. Garbage disposals give homeowners the ability to reduce the amount of waste that goes down the drain.

But what happens when something goes wrong and your garbage disposal decides to act up? Knowing how to fix a garbage disposal will save you a lot of time, energy, and keep your kitchen in tip-top shape!

It’s Making Weird Noises

If you turn your garbage disposal on and hear the familiar humming noise, but don’t hear the grinding, the inner wheel might be stuck or jammed. You can try to reset the appliance to see if it restarts again or you can trip the circuit breaker.

Most of the time the inner wheel has become jammed due to a foreign object or extra food getting stuck between the propellers. You can use a wrench or a large cooking spoon to unlodge the object. Be careful never to stick your hand down the disposal when it’s on.

It’s Not Draining

When you experience slow draining or a sink that won’t drain at all, it usually points to a problem with your plumbing instead of your garbage disposal. If you encounter this issue, you will probably need to disassemble the drain in order to clear the pipes of any unwanted food or items that may be blocking the drain.

If you encounter this issue, a plumber can help you diagnose the problem. They will also help you repair your garbage disposal.

It Won’t Turn On

If you flip the switch of your garbage disposal and don’t hear any sound, this could mean there’s a larger electrical issue at hand. There are a variety of ways you could solve this problem.

Just like any electrical issue, ensure the disposal is plugged in. If it is plugged in, press the reset button on the bottom of the unit. This will restart the disposal if it’s been tripped. You can also check the main breaker to see if there’s trouble with the wiring.

You Notice Some Leaking

A garbage disposal leak can be caused by a number of issues. A few common locations of leaks include the area where the disposal connects to the sink, the area that connects the dishwasher with the disposal, and the area that removes waste from the disposal to the drain.

If you notice your garbage disposal is leaking, be sure to pinpoint the location of leaking. If it’s in the pipes below the disposal, once you identify the location, tighten the pipes and the leak should subside. If the leak is coming from the area where it goes through the sink, you’ll need to replace the drain gasket or the mounting screws.

Learning How to Fix a Garbage Disposal

These days, garbage disposals have become one of the top requested appliances in a kitchen. Knowing how to fix a garbage disposal is part of your role as a homeowner.

No matter what kind of issues you’re experiencing with your garbage disposal, there is an equally quick fix. Learn how to be the best homeowner you can be by educating yourself on garbage disposal repairs. Don’t forget to bookmark our site to never miss our latest posts!


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