10 Unique Photo Gifts to Get Your Partner for an Anniversary

10 Unique Photo Gifts to Get Your Partner for an Anniversary

When it comes to getting an anniversary gift for your significant other you want it to be special. And what’s something special that you can always remember each other by? A photo of the two of you.

There are many unique and fun ways you can give your significant other a photo. They can also be practical and used nearly every day.

Keep reading for ten unique photo gifts to get your partner for an anniversary.

1. Frame It

Probably the most classic way to give a photo as an anniversary present is to print it out and frame it. But what if you blew it up 10 times the size of an original photo and framed that? You can take a cute couple’s photo and blow it up to be the size of a poster.

This gift will be cute, fun, and personal. A huge photo is a gift you can put anywhere in your house to remember a specific event or memory that you shared with your significant other. It’s also a great gift because they won’t be expecting it.

2. Custom Phone Case

Another awesome photo gift to give your partner for an anniversary present is a custom phone case. You can create a phone case with one big picture or several small ones. There are also options to add cute stickers or phrases.

A phone case is a great gift to give your significant other because pretty much everyone has a smartphone that needs a protective case. Having a custom phone case with a photo on it is a cute way to carry your favorite picture around with you everywhere you go.

3. Woven Photo Blanket

A woven photo blanket is a perfect gift to give your significant other when celebrating an anniversary. These blankets can have one large photo of the two of you or several small ones made into a collage. It will look perfect on your bed or even your couch and will show how much you care about each other.

Either way, You can design your own blanket with a photo that shows how much you love and care for your partner. You can spend movie nights cozied up together under the blanket or your partner can use it on nights when you’re away. This is the perfect gift so your partner can be warm and loved.

4. Refrigerator Magnet

Another great gift to give your significant other for an anniversary is to get your photo printed on refrigerator magnets. There are many different services that will do this for you in a cute way. Some even create a puzzle out of your picture that sticks to your fridge.

Refrigerator magnets are a fun gift that you can look at every day. This can be a great gift for people with tons of magnets on their refrigerator or none. It also gives you a creative way to give a gift to your significant other.

5. Make a Calendar

A fun way to give a gift to your significant other is to make a calendar out of your photographs. You can choose your favorite couple’s photo from each month to feature on the calendar. For fun you can tell your significant other not to look ahead so when they get to a new month they will be surprised by which photo you’ve chosen.

You may even want to do a fun photoshoot for different pictures of the season. You can let them in on what you’re planning or keep it a secret and surprise them. A calendar is a great gift because it is always good to keep track of specific dates in one place.

6. Turn It Into Jewelry

If your significant other likes to wear jewelry, then you may want to turn your favorite photograph into a necklace for them. You can buy them a locket or even put a new spin on wearing a tiny photograph. Wearing a cute photo as a necklace or as a bracelet is a good way to show off how happy you are.

There are plenty of tutorials for you to do it yourself and create a photo jewelry piece. But you can also create one online and order if for your significant other. This is a great anniversary gift for someone who loves to wear jewelry.

7. Shadow Box

If you have collected lots of photos and items as memories during your relationship, then putting that all into a shadow box will be a great anniversary gift. A shadow box displays photos and mini memorabilia such as a ticket to a movie or baseball game. You may also consider putting 3D memories into the shadow box like seashells or rocks that you found together on a beach.

A shadow box is a fun way to look back on the memories you have created together. It will also look great displayed in your home for others to see.

8. Digital Photo Frame

A great way to give photos to your significant other for an anniversary gift is so they never end. With a digital photo frame, you can constantly add new photos and memories to display in your home.

This is a great gift that you can also preload with all of your cutest photos and memories. As your relationship goes on, then your significant other can continue to add their favorite pictures to the frame.

9. Custom Candle

If your significant other loves burning candles, then creating a custom candle with your photo on it would be a great anniversary gift. This is cute, creative, and a memory they can either burn or keep forever. This gift will also make your home smell great.

10. Photo Pillowcase

Another comfy gift to give your partner for an anniversary is a custom photo pillowcase. They can cuddle up in bed with it at night if they’re not with you so they don’t feel alone. It is also a cute idea to decorate a bed with.One of the easiest way to make a customised photo pillow or pillowcase is to upload your picture into Pixajoy pillow making website and they will take care of the rest for you.

Unique Photo Gifts Are Fun

Regardless of how you do it giving a custom photo for an anniversary gift is a cute and memorable idea. Unique photo gifts are fun and something more than just your average gift.

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