Why You May Need Custom Fireplace Doors

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Need to renovate an outdated or dull fireplace? Sometimes a project like this can feel like quite the hassle. Not many people want to invest a ton of time or money into DIY fireplace makeovers. However, a simple update, with a custom fireplace door, can completely change the appearance of a neglected fireplace, creating a true focal point of your home.

Aside from a decorative statement, custom glass fireplace doors improve safety and efficiency in one’s home. Homeowners often fail to understand the attention or accessories that their fireplace truly needs because they do not understand the potential dangers of the wrong door. Understanding your fireplace, and why a custom prefab fireplace door is worth the investment, will save you stress. Prefabricated fireplaces actually require a custom fit, making it a worthy investment.

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The first and most obvious, benefit of a custom-built fireplace door is the noticeable difference in design. An ill-fitting or stock made door makes a fireplace look sloppy that gaps and exposes unfinished mantel. Stock doors, sold at big box stores like Lowes, will also provide a generic, thrown together finish. Buying a custom made glass fireplace door will create a tight fit, perfect seal that will polish and finish any fireplace design. Options such as a Home Depot fireplace door will not meet the requirements that a prefab fireplace door should, nor will it look as well finished. A custom fireplace frame with high-quality glass will also be less likely to scratch or dent, making the decorative touch long-lasting. prefabricated fireplace doors

For prefabricated fireplace doors, a custom door is actually necessary. This is because of the kind of seal needed to meet the safety requirements of these installations. If you are looking to update and renovate your home and in search of a prefab fireplace door, searching for a custom fit is the route you’ll need to take. However, this process does not necessarily mean more work or spending tons of money. Affordable custom fireplace doors exist, and ordering a set of them simply requires measuring for the best fit.

Installing and measuring for doors is truly a simple process. Finding niche door sellers will layout the exact steps for the entire process. Quick research will reveal that replacing fireplace doors can be a DIY project that won’t break the bank.

As far as safety and efficiency, custom fireplace doors will increase both. Fireplaces operate with a chimney flue, which essentially serves as an open window to the outdoors. Without a perfectly sealed fireplace, conditioned air can escape to the outdoors. More importantly, the outdoor atmosphere can enter your cooled or heated home. Ensuring that seal will prevent losing conditioned air, and can actually help you save on your electricity bill. A custom door will be precise enough to create that strong, secure lock on your fireplace for when it is not in use.

For safety concerns, an ill-fitting fireplace door can prevent proper airflow. Minimizing any risk of in-home fire-related accidents helps homeowners rest easy and encourages more enjoyment of fireplace related benefits. For precautionary reasons, a custom glass fireplace door will make for the perfect, safe ventilation system for your fireplace. Quality materials will also be resistant to overheating, melting, or sparking. The added security of a set of replacement fireplace doors will also ensure that no ash or dust escapes your firebox, reducing the risk of sparks creating uncontrolled flames.

Take advantage of your fireplace, while making it stylish and safe. For both necessity and comfort, investing in a custom-built set of replacement fireplace doors can help you enjoy fireside nights with ease. Affordable, accessible, and easy to install, a set of new custom fireplace doors can help take your fireplace to the next level. See this guide for more information on custom fireplace doors.


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