Balcony Railing Types – Consider A Style That Is Practical and Suits Your Personality


Choosing the right material and design for balcony railing makes a huge difference. The main aim to install a railing is to prevent kids, pets or elders from falling. No one will desire to have the traditional kind of railings for modern style homes.

Balconies are exteriors, so they need to look stylish and not clash the interiors. Choose something in terms of functionality and your taste. You will also need to consider the material durability and maintenance orange county ironworks service and company.

Balcony railing types

Wooden balcony railings

Wooden balcony railings offer a modern and rustic look. It is durable and strong but needs a lot of care. It tends to warp and needs to be polished with special agents. Choose wood that is pest and rot-resistant. You can choose composite deck railing, which looks like wood. They don’t deform and need no maintenance but are expensive.

Glass railings

Glass is in style at the moment. Homeowners in Seattle who prefer minimalism style go for Inline Design railing systems. They have a plethora of options to consider like frameless or framed glass railings, clear or translucent glass, the height of the railings, customized or standard shape, and more.

The team at Inline Design can help you choose a style to install at your home by the lake and enjoy the stunning vista. The clear glass railings look sleek and never match the solid ones. It is an ideal barrier between you and the landscape.

Concrete railing

The cheap and sturdy options used in urban houses are concrete railings. You don’t have many designs to choose but these concrete railings are maintenance-free and durable in comparison to metal, glass, and wood materials. If looks are not a strong priority, then you can opt for concrete railings.

Vinyl railings

Vinyl material is a great alternative for wood because it does not warp. There is no need for sealing or repainting. The designs are similar to wooden railings and white is the common color. Vinyl railings need to be regularly cleaned to maintain its original look.

Metal railings

  • Steel is vulnerable to rusting but galvanized or powdered coated steel is a great option. They have rust-prohibitive finishes that prolong the steel railing’s life.
  • Aluminum railings are fairly light, strong and ideal solution for outdoor applications. It is naturally resistant to rust, so handling the severe outdoor climate is possible with minimal upkeep. You get options in style, design, and colors.
  • Wrought Iron features ornate spindles with intricate designs and is ideal for Victorian home balconies. They are beautiful but vulnerable to rust. No protective finishes are possible, so rust and corrosion cannot be avoided. It needs repainting and care.

Metal railings offer flexibility in designs and can be matched to the theme of your home design. Different metals can be used to create a look that blends with your personality.

Visit the Inline Design website to get inspiration on the variety of railing designs and opt for one that complements your décor!


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