All Natural Tree Experts Agree: Top 8 Signs It’s Time to Remove a Tree

All Natural Tree Experts Agree: Top 8 Signs It's Time to Remove a Tree

Was one of the trees that sits outside your home or business damaged during a recent storm?

If so, you might not have any choice but to have it removed from your property. A damaged tree could potentially fall over at any time and do extensive damage to a home or business. It could also cause injuries to occur.

There are also many other instances in which all natural tree experts will tell you that you should remove a tree ASAP. Here are eight signs that’ll let you know it’s time to perform tree removal right away.

1. A Tree Is Dead

There are some trees that can live for thousands of years before they die. There are others that will only live for a decade or two before they reach the end of their lives.

If you have a tree growing in your yard that has died—either due to old age or due to disease—all natural tree experts will tell you that you need to get rid of it right away. Otherwise, your dead tree could cause all sorts of problems.

Dead trees will slowly start to break down and fall apart once they die. This can send large tree branches falling down towards the ground. It can also lead to an entire tree toppling over.

Remove a dead tree prior to it reaching this point. It’ll prevent the tree from doing any unnecessary damage to your property.

2. It’s Starting to Look Unhealthy

Is the trunk of one of your trees starting to decay? Are the leaves and branches on it all looking worse for the wear? Does the tree look, for lack of a better word, sick?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it should be a cause for concern. It likely means that you have an unhealthy tree on your hands.

You may be able to bring it back to life with the help of an arborist. But you may also want to think about removing the tree if it looks like it’s on its way to dying.

3. It’s Leaning in the Wrong Direction

When a tree in your yard was a little bit smaller, you may not have noticed that it was leaning. But now that it’s grown up, it might be obvious that it’s leaning—and it might be obvious that it’s leaning right over something that it shouldn’t be.

Your tree might be leaning over your house or business, your backyard, your driveway, or something else that could be damaged if the tree were to fall. Instead of risking it, all natural tree experts will tell you that removing the tree is the way to go.

4. It’s Almost Touching Power Lines

If you have trees growing in front of your home or business, there might come a time when their branches begin to inch closer and closer towards the power lines out by the street.

You can trim the branches back to stop them from getting tangled up with the wires. But if they continue to grow back and make their way in the direction of the power lines, cutting the trees down might be your only option.

5. It’s Growing Too Close to Your Home or Business

If you were to dig up your whole yard, you would be amazed by how much space the roots for your trees take up. Roots tend to spread out quite a bit over the years as trees grow.

With this in mind, you should keep an eye on any trees that are growing close to your home or business. The roots from the trees could very well run into your home or business and cause damage to your foundation.

Roots can also break sewer lines and cause issues with utility lines, too. Even if a tree is completely healthy, you may need to remove it if it’s too close to your home or business.

Find out more about what goes into removing a tree safely.

6. It’s Killing Your Curb Appeal

Is there a tree sitting smack-dab in the middle of your front yard and making it impossible for people to see your home or business? It’s killing your curb appeal and hurting the appearance of your property.

You can bring your curb appeal back by taking a chainsaw to the tree and ripping out its stump. You’ll dramatically improve the look of your home or business by doing this and make people take notice of your property more from now on.

7. It’s Dropping Way Too Many Leaves, Seeds, or Needles

All trees drop at least a few leaves, seeds, or needles throughout the course of the year. But there are some trees that can get out of control with it.

If you’re spending a ton of time cleaning up your yard every few weeks because of a tree, you might want to remove the tree from the equation. It’ll make your yard look better and cut down on the maintenance you have to do outside your home or business.

8. It’s Preventing Your Lawn or Landscaping From Growing

Is a tree on your property providing your yard with way too much shade? You might not mind the shade, but your grass and the rest of your landscaping sure will.

If you find that a tree is preventing your lawn or landscaping from growing, you might want to either remove some of the branches from the tree or get rid of the tree altogether.

You can make your lawn look a lot healthier than it does now by parting ways with a tree.

Listen to All Natural Tree Experts and Schedule Tree Removal

The trees that you have on your property should enhance the appearance of it, not drag the look of it down.

If you discover that you have a dead tree on your hands or a tree that’s causing some other kind of issues, all natural tree experts will usually suggest chopping the tree down. It’ll make your property safer and keep it looking its best.

Check out our blog for some tips on removing a tree from your property.


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