How To Select Shoes For Various Occasions?

how to select shoes for occasion

There’s nothing other than good footwear that can help you complete your ensemble in the best manner possible. Irrespective of any gender, footwear is a must-have staple component in any person’s daily life. And when it comes to special parties or occasions, the requirements of a good footwear will grossly multiply, depending upon one’s tastes and preferences.

Doesn’t matter if it’s casual or formal, every woman and man want to create a unique trend that will capture everyone’s attention. With a varied collection of shoes, there will be more versatility in your dressing sense.

Tips And Tricks For Selecting Shoes For Different Occasions

1. For Formal Or Work Occasions

When it comes to work or formal attire and occasions, shoes with classic shapes and minimal designs are always preferred. It is seen that males usually gravitates towards lace-up designer shoes for men and loafers, to complete that sharp conference look.

When it comes to women, there are a lot of varied choices to pick one up. There’s the monotone pumps, wedges, stilettos, bellies, slip-on shoes, etcetera, which all goes well with tuxedo suits or blazer with a pencil or bodycon skirts. Formal attires also include tunics as well, which can be complemented by wearing sandals, flats or even slip-on shoes. This will give you an instant edgy look.

2. For Casual Occasions

It can be a real challenge to search for footwear that is fashion-forward, especially for those who don’t have good taste in selecting the right shoes. Casual occasions don’t have any specific rules that you should stick onto. Therefore mixing and matching various shoes with any kind of clothing will be perfect. The main aim is not only to grab the attention of your peers but also to keep your comfort factor in mind as well.

For women’s casual festivities, you can rely on shoes that have hand-painted artistry or basking in neon color tones, which can be quickly teamed up with any casual outfits. With design patterns like spikes, laces, rivets, bows, stripes, embroidery, etcetera, there will be no shortage of options. There’s also high-ankle boots along with gladiators, in either leather texture or suede fabric will help keep those beautiful legs in-line with bodycon dresses, skirts, and jumpsuits.

When it comes to men’s dress shoes in Melbourne, there are also quite a few bits of options too. There’s the casual oxford shoe, which has a distinctive look due to its use of leather. You also have options to choose between boat shoes, leather laced shoes, canvas shoes, and leather loafers. Sneakers come in various colors and styles, and they work well with shorts, jeans, and chinos.

3. For Semi-Formal Occasions Or Evening Parties

In order to get the party floor heated up, you need to look and feel glittery and gaudy, with intense detailing that will not be over the top and still look magnificent.

For women, the best option for such type of parties would be pumped. Pumps have no straps and are also low-cut as well. For every woman’s wardrobe, pumps are the basics. You can also pair peep toes with your cocktail dress. Peep toe shoes are heel shoes with an opening at the toe in a small, rounded manner or even wedge-shaped. They look flirtatious, cute and will easily give you a stunning look.

Coming to the alternative gender, in order to complete the perfect semi-formal look, men would have to stick to dress shoes. Dress shoes will aid you in looking stylish and smart. As usual, oxfords or even derby shoes should be a great way to start. Both of these shoes will provide a classical and sharp touch to your look. There’s also loafers, slip-on shoes, brogues and monk strapped shoes too.

4. For Engagements And Weddings

It’s every girl’s dream to wear high heels and stilettos. But, it can be a bad idea when you’re trying to feel comfortable wearing a wedding gown or bridesmaid dress. In weddings or engagements, there are a lot of dancing and fun activities that are involved and high heels can quickly make your feet pain. Therefore, wear moderately sized heeled footwear in colors that look ethnic, like pink, silver or white. Try to match the color of your shoes to your dress or you can use a combination with other accessories.

Arriving at the available choices for men, you can go with the tried and tested oxford shoes. They are perfect for engagements and weddings when paired with trousers. If oxford shoes are not your thing, then you have the option to choose between derby shoes and loafers, which go well with chinos. For more shoe advice and how to style them on any occasion, you can visit for more information.


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