Moving Home or Office? Learn About How To Choose The Best Removal Companies in Dublin

Best Removal Companies in Dublin

Are you moving home, and looking to source the best home removal company to suit your needs? There are plenty of man with a van companies in Dublin offering delivery services however it can be an added worry trying to find a house removals company that you can trust. The last thing you need is items going missing, getting damaged or delayed in transit.

Moving home is one of the most stressful and tiring experiences in any person’s life between packing, downsizing, getting your home contents delivered then re-adjusting to a new place, there is so much to do and often not enough time!

So the moving day has arrived and you have packed up everything ready to leave but have you put much thought into picking a removal company? Many people do overlook this important step of choosing a removal service till it is close to the removal day but to ensure you get the best man with a van to pack up and deliver your belongings, some investigation will be needed.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best man with a van Dublin to suit your needs

Referrals and recommendations – it is important to search for reviews about the potential removal company afterall you are trusting the company with your belongings. If you are choosing a man with a van on an advertisement site check their profile for customer reviews. If they have a website verified reviews should be available to see. Another good way to see what people have said about the company is to type in the removal company name with reviews after the name into an online search engine to see what comes up e.g. Fast moves Reviews that way you can find reviews from wherever they have been posted around the internet.

Detailed quote – When you receive your removal quote it needs to include the exact services the man with a van will provide. This is very important, as a diligent moving company will outline the logistics of their service including details of insurance cover, a breakdown of the total costs involved, how many helpers will be provided, how payment is accepted, and a reference to the removal company’s terms and conditions. Particulars of the date of removal and arrival in your new home are also essential and if there maybe any additional costs (eg. if they are delayed by circumstances outside their control). An experienced company will ask about the entrances, exits, difficulties in delivering or parking permits needed. These questions could lead to additional costs and a reputable removal company will factor these possible issues into the price so everything is transparent before you accept their quotation.

Price is also an important factor to consider when looking for a UK to Ireland removal company or vice versa. Moving abroad is costly and it is also very important to be wary of cheap quotations. We all like a bargain price, but some quotes can be too good to be true! Firstly the man with a van will need fuel and it will take a long time to get from one location to the other. The removal company will factor in their time when they offer the quote. The man and van company can be missing out on smaller, easier jobs in order to do a large house relocation so this is can influence the price. Many price comparison quotation websites give you the option to put up an advertisement about the moving services you require. The man and van bidders try to outdo each other to give the cheapest price, however the quote you get is unlikely to be as diligent or detailed as it would be if you approached an established independent moving company. A reputable company does not need the services of a quotation site as they already have a steady stream of customers and their company is built on customer service, reputation and referrals.

So now you have completed your research and received quotes from a number of man with a van removal companies and it is now time to decide on the best company to move your belongings. It is best practice to put in writing that you are excepting the quote and confirm that the date and time of your move is what you require. Once you receive back confirmation that they will be able to follow through on your mutual contract.

On the day make sure you have the vehicle registration number, driver details, insurance information and full contact details of your removal company and keep them to hand just in just in case there are any last minute issues.

Hope these pointers have been of use to you during your search so you can secure the best moving company dublin for your journey.


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