5 Tips for Getting the Best Work Out of a Contractor You’re Working With

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Anyone who has undertaken a remodeling job in the past knows they want to achieve amazing results. However, to achieve these great results, it’s necessary to actively manage the process, even if a general contractor has been hired to oversee the work. Some helpful tips to get the most out of the contractor that is being worked with can be found here.

  1. Avoid Allowances

Before getting started with a contractor, read these hiring tips. After doing this, it’s time to make sure this first tip is followed. An allowance is put in a budget, as a placeholder, if a person hasn’t decided on the hardware or materials and it’s left to the contractors.

Unfortunately, with such a varied range of price points, the estimate may be under what’s spent. To avoid an allowance, be sure to source out the materials and products before getting itemized bids. If this isn’t done, do plenty of shopping to ensure the contractor has a ballpark price for the materials being considered.

  1. Establish Good Communication

Be sure to ask the contractor about their preferred form of communication. There are several options. For example, some contractors want to speak onsite, in the morning or afternoon before work starts.

Other contractors prefer to communicate via phone. It’s a good idea to try to meet with the project leader at least one time a day. This is the ideal opportunity for a person to find out the progress being made and what work is scheduled for the next few days and to voice any concerns a person may have.

  1. Maintain a Project Journal

The project journal is a smart investment. It can be used to record the progress being made, note things to ask the contractor, write down new ideals, record order numbers for products, and to make a note of upcoming delivery dates. With a journal, communication is clear and offers a record of who said what, when it was said, and may even help settle disputes down the road.

  1. Track all the Changes in Writing

A team may experience structural issues, or they may decide to include more work as the project moves forward. A quality contractor can handle these changes to ensure they are reflected in the written bids provided. It’s also important to specify in the remodeling contract that any change orders are put in writing for anything that will add to the job’s bottom line.

  1. Always Check the Work that’s Been Done

It’s important to be proactive when it comes to a contractor’s work. A great time to check everything is after the crew has left for the day. Be sure to make notes in the journal mentioned above and make notes of anything a person may be wondering about during the scheduled check-in with the job foreman or contractor.

By doing this, it’s possible to ensure that the work is meeting expectations. This is important for any remodeling project.

Remodeling Work: Make Sure it’s Done Right

When it comes to hiring a contractor for remodeling work, be sure to keep the information here in mind. Doing so is going to pay off and help ensure that the work is successful and that there aren’t any serious issues with what is being done.


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