Best Dress Type for Plus Size Women

Best Dress Type for Plus Size Women

Are your hips wide? Are your thighs too muscular? Are your hips more than plump? You have a strong chest or a belly a little too round (and soft)? Do not panic; here are tips for making the best choices in plus size clothing by VIBE Apparel Co.

Do not forget that just because a label announces a plus-size garment will not make you feel good. You must try it. There are styles that make you better than others. The important thing is to try the clothes, to know how to examine oneself in a mirror (to see if what one wants to hide is really well hidden!) And to arrange the pieces well between them. Ready? It’s a departure!

As you know, at your Plus Size, we are not followers of the rules! We assume that it is important to be comfortable in your clothes and to wear what you want. If we are right, we feel comfortable and it shows.

However, do not hide the face, some cuts, shapes, materials will put more morphology in value than another. This information is the basis of this article.

We propose you to discover what style of dress for plus size women best fits your morphology to sublimate your curves. It is also the right time of the moment in the period of summer sales to shop at low prices.

Discover which style of dress for plus size women to adopt according to your morphology.

To begin, know that there is a form of dress that highlights all the round silhouettes. This is the wallet dress! Its wrap-around neckline enhances the chest (do not hesitate to add a stitch, pressure or safety pin for the most generous breasts ) and its slightly flared shape perfectly camouflages belly or wide hips.

Morphology in A

You have a morphology in A if your hips are wider than your shoulders.

The goal is to rebalance your silhouette with a focus on the upper body, prefer shoulder-length dresses or worn with a jacket. If your dress is two-tone, choose it with the printed top or a flashy color.

Question dress cut, if you do not have too much belly – otherwise beware of the effect pregnant woman – favor the princess/empire cut. Otherwise, the trapezoidal shape is also ideal for erasing the hips and small belly. Prefer the thin straps or tie to tie your neck in the summer to give volume to your shoulders; in winter, adopt long sleeves or 3/4.

No prohibition but if your hips are very wide, pay attention to the volume that a skirt or skater dress could bring, you must try at all costs to see if it suits you or if the cup tends to bring more volume than you do not want it.

Morphology in 8

You have a morphology in 8 if your hips and shoulders are the same widths and your size well-drawn; usually your chest is generous.

You can do everything!

Feel free to choose dresses with marked waist or even to wear a wide belt to bring out your wasp waist; the strapless or draped dress is also your ally.

Morphology in H

You have an H-shape if your shoulders and hips are in the same alignment and your height is not marked.

To harmonize this silhouette, we must create the illusion of size but be careful not to fall into the trap of the big belt; on the other hand, she points out the lack of size!

Side cuts, wear your choice on empires but straight dresses or peplum dresses that bring volume to the hips. In all cases, avoid square necklines look like princess margaret.

V morphology

You have a V- shape if your shoulders are wider than your hips, your legs are usually thin.

Unlike the silhouette in A, it is on the lower body that must be paid attention. Exit anything that can bring the build like epaulets, ruffles to the shoulders, thin straps, etc.

Favor the dresses that stop above the knees to bring out your legs and do not hesitate to play on the volumes below.

Morphology in O

What characterizes the morphology in O is a prominent belly, often the silhouette is all round but with thin legs!

For your dresses, opt for the court to bring attention to your legs. Fluid materials but not too much are your allies and side cuts prefer the right like dresses covers / T with a neckline or shirt dress worn open until the birth of the chest.

5 large size clothes to wear when it’s hot

When we are here or there in the summer, the temperatures are even scorching in certain regions! If we border the 36 ° C in the Paris region, Bordeaux is 42 ° C minimum which is displayed on the thermometer!

For those who are lucky enough to be on a beach holiday or have a swimming pool, this is the best way to cool off during the day. As for the others, we will have to use and abuse our advice to stay cool this summer and adapt your outfits to the weather of the moment.

We had already presented some looks to go to the office this summer, with the heat wave that tip the tip of his nose, we offer large size clothes to wear when it’s hot.

It’s the heat: how to dress?

Choose the right material

When temperatures rise, it is important to choose materials that will let your skin breathe, think of natural materials such as linen and cotton. Even if the garment is not 100% linen or 100% cotton, if fiber is the majority, it is always better than a totally synthetic material that may make you sweat a lot.

Choose the form

Admittedly, one does not need to enter a 38 to wear a tight dress or a slim but when it is very hot, it is really better to prefer some loose cuts.

Comfort and lightness make the tall maxi dress a true star of the summer look every year; a myriad of light dresses also accompanies it.

If you have not yet discovered our miracle solution to counter the painful friction at the crotch or you simply prefer the pants, opt for fluid pants. They are also true allies to concoct a chic casual style with large size clothes to wear when it’s hot.

Plus size clothing to wear when it’s hot, our selection

Military trend

With these wide fluid pants to shop urgently, play on the military trend casual or chic version depending on the accessories you choose.

Chic & natural

The proof that 100% linen is not reserved for casual clothes with this superb unstructured tunic that can only seduce by its originality. A piece to adopt for a special occasion.

Ethnic style

The ethnic print is another highlight of this season. We love this oriental-inspired maxi with its paisley print. Its empire size and its heart-shaped neckline make it a decidedly feminine piece to adopt urgently for a ceremony.

Summer flowers

We propose you again to surf the seasonal trends by adopting this pretty blouse printed floral. In majority cotton mixed with silk, it will be absolutely light and comfortable to wear.

All in one

With this combi short is the cardboard full of trends, a must-have for the fashion addicts since you will combine – it is the case to say it – the military tendency to the large jumpsuit. One-piece to wear, no association to do if not accessories, comfort is at the rendezvous.

We hope that our advice has allowed you to find your style of dress for plus size women and that you will be able to enjoy the sales to crack!



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