10 Popular Myths About Psychic Readings Debunked

psychic readings

Whether you’re a believer or not, you have to agree that psychic readings hold an undeniable allure. What could be more fascinating than someone answering your questions by reading your aura?

Psychic readers have an innate ability that allows them to perceive things beyond basic human caliber. However, with magnetism comes baseless misconceptions.

A psychic reading doesn’t involve stirring up a magic-potion-filled cauldron at the witching hour! With this post, we will shoot down some of the most popular myths about psychic readings. Let’s begin.

1. Psychics know everything

Psychics aren’t transgressional beings familiar with every speck in the universe. They are just humans with some special abilities.

Going into a psychic reading, you can’t expect to learn every single detail about your past, present and future. It would be wrong to assume a psychic can answer all of your questions. Perhaps, some of your doubts will be answered clearly, while the rest will receive a vague response.

2. Psychics are mind readers

Can psychic read my thoughts and get a play-by-play? Absolutely not, that’s a ridiculous assumption!

Psychics can’t read your mind, they read your energy and the vibes from the universe. With heightened senses, they can see or hear what most normal humans can’t.

3. All psychics are scam artists

The artistry and special skills it takes to become a psychic reader aren’t regulated by any accredited institution. This gives an easy leeway for scammers to infiltrate this profession.

However, there are reputable professionals that are solely focused on helping people instead of duping them. If you’re seeking psychic therapies, check out Stepping Stones of Greenwich. They offer genuine psychic readings.

4. Psychic abilities and intuition are the same

Psychic abilities involve intuition, but it’s much more than that. A few readers are blessed with advanced psychic abilities, while most professional psychic readers go through years of training to expand their potential.

Becoming a good psychic requires several years of experience and hard work. Just intuitiveness is not enough.

5. Psychic readings are always ominous

A lot of people are wary of psychic reading, expecting them to be bearers of bad news. This is an erroneous belief.

A psychic reader focuses on providing you with an unbiased, accurate reading. They want to help you with their gift and give you the right advice. So, don’t assume the worst.

6. No difference between a psychic, a medium or an astrologer

A lot of people incorrectly use the terms psychic, medium and astrologer interchangeably. In reality, these are vastly different from each other.

A psychic can sense your aura and reads the information you can’t perceive. On the other hand, a medium has the ability to communicate with departed souls, while an astrologer derives information by studying celestial objects.

This being said, a psychic can be a medium and vice-versa.

7. Psychic readings attract astral entities or evil spirits

A psychic reading can’t open the door to the other side and invite evil spirits. Psychic readers have the sole intention to help you and don’t wish to cause any harm or misfortune. There is no need for you to be scared.

8. Psychics just rely on cold readings

Contrary to popular belief, psychic reading isn’t merely cold reading. Yes, they do assess a client’s body language, but they also put their special abilities to work.

9. Psychics are always right

It’s naive to believe a psychic will always be 100% right. A psychic’s advice isn’t set in stone. You have to take their observations with a grain of salt.

10. Psychics are always ‘on’

Psychic readings are demanding. A psychic has to be in the right frame of mind and environment to work effectively. They can’t perform readings anywhere, anytime.

Hopefully, this post gave you a better insight into the world of psychic readings. Remember to be careful while choosing a psychic reader and do approach your first reading with an open mind. if



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