Fridge Water Filter Replacements and Why it’s Necessary

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Most fridge filters are intended to remove unpleasant flavors and odors using a salt and coal filtration mixture. Refrigerator filters contain a carbon block core that wraps in a material such as polypropylene.

Water passes through the outer material mechanically to extract debris and suspended solids. Other undesirable objects cling to the carbon block ground.

How Does it Work?

In a water filter for fridge, water contaminants stick to the carbon through a method called adsorption. They do not get soaked into the plant layer (intake) but stick to a place in the vast ground region of coal (adsorption). It prevents hazardous materials like chlorine from being filtered properly.

Should You Replace Your Water Filters?

New cooling filters supply clean water, reduce contaminants, and prevent bacteria from entering the water area. The carbon, however, has restricted ability. The longer you wait for your filter to be changed, the worse your water gets.

Here’s what happens if you don’t change the water filter of your refrigerator.

  • Filter Blockage. It reaches a point where it won’t filter water anymore because it’s filled with dust and debris. You know, when the water stops flowing, it is time to change your filter.
  • Carbon reaches the highest point. Water still flows through the filter even though the surface area is full, but the water is full of contaminants. Imagine going to a mall on a rush day. After riding up and down the car lines and without discovering a parking spot, you get back on the highway and go somewhere else.
  • Your filter is producing bacteria. A loaded carbon filter collects particles that live organisms feed on and become a bacterial campground.

How Do You Change A Refrigerator Filter?

Changing a water filter for fridge is a fast and straightforward task. The most excellent part about a majority of cooling water pumps used nowadays is that when you screw the filter off, it automatically shuts down the supply of water. You need not worry about discovering a shut-off valve that switches the supply of water off to the refrigerator.

Without knowing your refrigerator’s brand and precise model, it’s often not easy to bring the filter from the local or the nearest hardware store or to find a fitting replacement water filter. So, make sure you know the model and brand of your fridge.

You can also purchase water filters online. You can save cash by purchasing them in two or more filter bags.

Most cooler filters are carbon-filters packed with a hefty number of black carbon granules. When the water passes through a fresh filter for the first time, it then flushes out the carbon. Afterward, the water will have white spots or dull graycolor. The water isn’t actually dangerous to consume, but you probably don’t want to drink water that consists of grey or black pieces of ice.

Always keep in mind that you must properly maintain your fridge for it to last long. Fridge maintenance includes the constant replacement of water filters as it prevents most problems. If you do this regularly, you will not have any problems with your refrigerator.


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