Experiencing Life on Anna Maria Island Like the Locals

anna maria island

Anna Maria Island has always stayed true to its motto of welcoming travelers to their paradise island minus the attitude. And true to the core, an island getaway will not only bring you memories but a lasting impression at how the place mixes the American classics with a modern twist.

With three cities located in one coastal stretch, the beautiful and dazzling Floridian cove is one of the best places to visit. Worrying about Anna Maria Island FL vacation rentals will never be on anyone’s mind as welcoming abode and commercial spaces litter the area for anyone’s use.

Anna Maria Island offers relaxing sceneries and white sandy beaches everyone can enjoy all-year-round. On top of that, what everyone will enjoy about Anna Maria Island is the intimacy and warmness of its people.

A Short History of the Locale

A barrier inlet located off the coast of Manatee County in Florida, Anna Maria Island has always had its grandeur because of its strategic location. Some legends surround the name, but two of the few that stand out hail from the Spanish expedition who named the coastal region “Ana Maria Cay.”

It’s said that the name was taken from the combination of the Holy Virgin Mother and her mother’s name. Another myth points out to the Spanish Queen’s name, Maria-Anna von der Pfalz-Neuburg. She is said to have sponsored the expedition that discovered the coastal islands.

Whatever the reason for the barrier island’s name, it sure brings a mystifying aura to the whole region. Anyone looking for a home to spend a short visit will find Anna Maria Island FL vacation rentals the ideal way to engage with the locals and immerse themselves in the authentic culture of the Anna Marians.

Experience the Old Florida in Anna Maria Island

One thing anyone will notice while basking in the city is the lack of high-rise buildings typical to a lot of urban areas in the South. The natives call it the “old Florida.” You won’t see towering resort hotels or high-rise condominiums.

This is also what captivates a lot of people looking for a non-superfluous holiday. Anna Maria strips itself bare to nature. And you won’t find commercial eateries like McDonald’s or Big Macs in the area.

Along with the stretch of sugar-like sandy beaches, you get to experience authentic home-cooked cuisines from family-owned restaurants. Anna Maria still lingers in the old American traditions – something that anyone will simply delight with.

The most common way to get around the city is not with the use of modern vehicles, but plain old bicycles. Visiting Anna Maria Island would be like going back to 1930s America, where everything is just laid back.

A Place for the Whole Family

If you think Anna Maria is a lifeless community, you’ll think twice when you get there. There are literally hundreds of wholesome things to do around the city, beautiful beaches to visit, and heartwarming adventures for the whole family.

Think of zip-lining, cycling, lounging around the beachfront, or meeting Cameron Diaz as she strolls along with her vacation beach house.


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