4 Great Homemade Gift Ideas For Christmas

4 Great Homemade Gift Ideas For Christmas

Even though it seems like it’s a long way off, Christmas will be here before you know it. If you don’t start making your preparations now, you’re going to be in a mad rush to do everything last minute, and that’s not what you want. The hardest thing about Christmas is finding the perfect gift for everybody, especially those people that don’t seem to want everything. The cost can quickly add up as well when you have a lot of people to buy for. But if you want to save a bit of money and get people some great gifts that they will love, you should consider some homemade gifts. It’s more thoughtful than just buying them something and it’s cheaper as well. These are some of the best homemade Christmas gift ideas.

Festive Plant Pots

Houseplants are so popular at the moment because they’re a great way to add a flash of color to your home and they’re good for your health as well. If you know somebody that is houseplant obsessed, why not make them a festive plant pot and find some Christmas themed plants to put in there for them? You can get some great Christmas stencils online which are ideal for making a plant pot. Get a cheap pot or you could even upcycle an old can or something like that, then you just need to paint your festive stencil on the front and pick out a plant. It’s a cheap gift but it’s sure to be a hit with somebody that loves to fill their house with plants.

Soup Mixes

In the winter, there’s nothing better than a delicious, hearty soup to warm you up, and they make a great Christmas gift as well. If you get yourself some mason jars, you can make a soup mix with all of the ingredients that people will need. All they need to do is add the stock and cook it up and they have a delicious soup to enjoy. It’s a great gift for somebody that is difficult to buy for because you know that they will actually use it, rather than putting it in a drawer and forgetting about it.

Christmas Tea Towels

If you are trying to think of a gift for somebody that spends a lot of time in the kitchen, why not make them some handmade Christmas tea towels. If you find a nice tea towel and then print a Christmas design on it, it makes the ideal festive gift. This is just one of the many handmade gifts you can make with tea towels, and it costs next to nothing.

If you enjoy needlework, consider adding embroidery or cross-stitch designs to the tea towels. Put holiday-themed patterns like snowflakes, holly leaves, or Christmas greetings. This handmade touch adds a beautiful and timeless element to the gift. 

Of course, you should present the tea towels attractively and creatively. Wrap them in festive ribbon or twine. Or place them inside a decorative box or basket with other small Christmas-themed items like cookies, candles, or ornaments. 

You can also attach a personalized gift tag or a handwritten note expressing your holiday wishes.

Infusing creativity and thoughtfulness into the gift is key. Have fun experimenting with different techniques and designs to make the tea towel gifts unique and memorable.

Homemade Soaps

Soaps are always a great handmade gift for your loved ones, and they’re very simple to make. Follow this guide to soap making and get a bit of practice in the lead up to the festive period and you’ll be a master soap maker by the time Christmas arrives. The best thing about making your own soap is that you can choose whatever fragrances you like, so you can choose each person’s favorite fragrance.

You can use natural ingredients, like honey, aloe vera, milk, or a Mimosa Root Bark, to make organic soap. Watch online tutorials to see how you can make it. 

Organic soap can make skin smoother, lighter, and blemish-free, which is something your loved ones and acquaintances will surely appreciate. 

The cost of raw materials, including organic oils, lye, essential oils, and natural additives, will depend on the quantity and quality you choose. For a batch of 20 to 30 soaps, you can expect to spend around USD$50 to USD$100. To package them, you can consider various options like gift boxes, organza bags, or eco-friendly wrapping materials.  

You don’t need to buy expensive gifts for your loved ones to show that you care. These homemade gifts are a lot more meaningful and it will save you some money at the same time.


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