Jackets That Everybody Should Have in Their Closets

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The jacket is one of the most used, long-lasting and protective pieces that anyone can have in their wardrobe. They complete an outfit, flatter your figure and keep you protected from the winter, spring and autumn chills – pretty great, right? Now, because of the amazing warmer climate that we lucky Australians get to experience, it can be tempting to just stick with that old waterproof anorak that’s been collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe for the last 100 years, but please, avoid the temptation! Your jacket collection can literally transform any outfit you like, whether you’re dressing casual, cute, formal or for an evening event, a jacket can complete your look. Here are a few jackets that you should absolutely have in your closet, right now:

The Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are protective, versatile and effortlessly cool. Throwing a leather jacket on over an outfit can really switch up the vibe in a matter of seconds, think a white slip dress or lacy number with black biker boots and a tough leather jacket with metal hardware, dreamy! This baby is one to invest in, so expect to fork out quite a bit of dough if you want a high-quality leather that will last you forever. Yes, lower cost high street styles can be tempting, but they are made of a material that’s the lowest grade of leather, mixed with a plastic-like material. Your skin won’t breath and your jacket won’t last, invest!

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The Mac

Hello, classic! A mac is one of the most timeless pieces out there, think Audrey Hepburn at that iconic end to Breakfast at Tiffany’s style chic. Your mac can be a coat, but it can also be an amazing cropped jacket! This should hit your hip bones and be slightly oversized to achieve that boxy fit that this cut is so known for. Definitely stick to the effortless beigey hue that macs are so famous for, and you’ll be feeling like a silver screen siren in no time!

The Down Jacket

A down jacket, or a puffer jacket, is your cold-weather lifesaver! These guys are warm, lightweight and actually pretty stylish these days. This option is great if you live somewhere with particularly tenacious winter months. Look for a neutral style in a navy or a black to really get the most out of your piece. (pulpjuiceandsmoothie.com)

The Duster

A duster jacket is a lightweight item that runs a little longer than the traditional torso length jacket. This is a really stylish, elegant piece that will dress up literally any outfit. A duster in a silky neutral is ideal for any special occasions taking place in the cooler months.

The Denim Jacket

Another total wardrobe statement. The denim jacket has been reigning style since the 60s, and there’s a good reason for that! Find a dark wash, oversized fit denim jacket to really add a cool, chilled-out style to all your casual outfits. This one is perfect for warming a spring or late autumn look.

The Blazer

A blazer is an essential, working woman or not! Your blazer can be sharp, sleek and tailored, or for a more interesting look, why not go oversized? This will add a very trendy androgynous twist to all your outfits, layer on top of knits for a toasty winter look or throw on with your favourite sundress to make your summer vibe slightly more balanced.


These are pieces are something that every stylish woman should hunt for. They are going to round out your wardrobe and keep you looking chic all year long! Women’s jackets should be fun, stylish and timeless, so get exploring to find your perfect fit!


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