5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for 2019

best christmas gift

Gifts always hold a special place in your life. It makes a moment or an occasion so special that we find it worth remembering throughout the rest of our lives. Gifts seem to be more special when it comes knocking for you most unexpectedly. Gifts also send us back down the memory lane to relive some of the most precious trails of events that evoke the purest and most memorable emotions of life. The story of life is remembered and retold through the verses and illustrations of gifts.

The gift is regarded as a reliable vehicle to express the emotion of love, affection, respect, or even anger or disgust. It helps us get across the words or feeling that we otherwise feel hesitant to express. Gifts can speak a thousand words at a time conveniently, which our tongue cannot. When we feel that some of the thoughts are best left unsaid than we resort to the idea of gifts. If you want to say ‘Sorry’ to your wife without calling her up, you need to buy a bouquet of flowers of her choice and make it delivered to her with a handwritten note saying ‘Sorry’ in bold.

The ritual of celebrating Christmas is incomplete without indulging in the custom of exchanging gifts. Gifts should be planned keeping in mind the interest or passion of a person to make it more relevant and useful to them if someone has a genuine passion for reading books, it makes more sense to give him a novel of his favorite writer than a pair of sports shoes. There are a plethora of options for Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers. If someone has got a wanderer buried deep inside them, you should plan for a kind of gift for him that could make his journey to a holiday destination more fulfilling and a little less troublesome. Choosing Christmas gifts is not a hassle. You can count on some of the gift options below custom made for travel enthusiasts. .

5 excellent gift ideas for travelers for Christmas


The sight of an empty Backpack fills the heart of an ardent traveler with the temptation to pull up his sleeves again to gear himself up for his next expedition. As soon he comes across with the empty backpack, he gets detonated to fill it up with necessary stuff, put it back into his shoulder and hits the road again in an endeavor to go on his next trip around the globe. Therefore, the backpack is a legitimate gifting option to ignite the fire of wanderlust in a traveler who has probably been lying dormant for quite some time.

A pair of smart hearing device

A voyager is always found in the companion of music. An experience of a perfect vacation never gets completed without the right proportion of music added to it. Music is always believed to add an acoustic dimension to the visuals thrown out into the eyes in open that we watch in awe and wonder while traveling to a beautiful place. Visuals blended with the sound of music becomes immortal and keeps lingering in our eyes forever. Music is also known for giving us an enthralling company in the long boring flight when we don’t have anything to do or anyone to talk to other than getting bored. Hence, a hearing device is a must in the backpack.

A comprehensive guidebook on traveling

It may be a great help for the traveler to make plans for his next trip. A guidebook can help him plan well and in advance. He can shuffle through a variety of options of splendid beaches, majestic mountains, mysterious Gothic architecture, and timeless historical monuments to choose his next destination driven by the immersive visual treat of surfing through the pictures of each of those locations. He can elaborately chalk out the expenses and logistics required for the trip the light of the information provided in the book.

GPS tracking device

It comes handy to those who prefer to travel solo. If you have got a GPS tracker in the pocket, the fear of getting lost in the maze of crossroads during your vacation will never choke your way forward. Advanced GPS tracker comes loaded with path-breaking security features to give you a better sense of security under the surveillance of AI-enabled state-of-art technology interventions. It may help you get connected to your parents too as your parents may track your location real-time through their smartphone with the help of some dedicated applications.

Voice assistant device

A voice assistant device is again a must for the solo traveler. It gives you a feeling of being in the company of someone more responsible and mature than you. Hence, capable of looking after all your needs during your travel. It will play the role of your guardian away from home. It will update you on weather, navigate your movement to a particular destination or it can even translate the local languages in English for you to be able to communicate with local people of a place with ease.

Some other gift ideas

The art of gifting is a way of inspiring someone to pursue his passion. If someone wants to become a musician, you can inspire him to follow his heart by buying him a guitar as a gift on his birthday. We can, in fact, play it the other way around. If you want your child to take up the habit of reading, start giving her books, instead of fancy toys or smart gadgets on her every birthday to make sure that she will be surrounded by books all the time. Once she will pick them up and start zapping through it, she will fall in love with those books and eventually end up being an avid reader.

Life will be at the zenith of self-worth and satisfaction if someone can transform his passion for traveling into a full-time profession. There are ample of ways by the instrument of which we can develop a source of sustenance built around the unconditional love for traveling and a well-planned gift during the auspicious occasion of Christmas can help one leverage the transition. An iPad or a mini laptop in the satchel can give someone an opportunity to begin to write blogs on his experiences while going on a vacation to a holiday destination.

e can click photos and club it along with his blog, and eventually, he can post it in his social networking site or even his twitter handle to let the world know about it. Going forward, he can even build a separate Facebook page or can create a blog website to start sharing his first hand experiences with his followers on a variety of categories like places to visit in an unorthodox location which is pretty lesser-known, best time of the year to visit, why you should choose the place over so-called popular destinations.

You can also incorporate areas like food and culture associated with the place. You can even throw light into the lifestyle of the indigenous population out there in our article. Therefore, a wise gift on Christmas can help someone unleash the blogger in him and blogging nowadays is no less than a quintessential job in Silicon Valley, having enormous potential to make a sustainable career out of it.


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