Hardwood vs. Vinyl: How to Decide Which Is Best for You

Hardwood vs. Vinyl: How to Decide Which Is Best for You

Hardwood has long been a popular choice for flooring. Vinyl, however, is catching up: the global market for vinyl flooring was worth more than $20 billion in 2016.

If you’re thinking about installing new flooring and like the idea of a traditional hardwood look then hardwood and vinyl wood flooring are your two best options.

But which should you choose? Which material is best suited to your needs?

Read on as we compare hardwood and vinyl wood flooring to help you decide.


When you’re fitting new flooring you want to be sure that it will last.

With proper care and attention, a hardwood floor can last you a lifetime. If you don’t look after it properly however, hardwood can scratch, warp, or stain. Take care of your hardwood floor and it will take care of you.

Vinyl may not be quite as hardwearing, but modern coatings on vinyl wood flooring are built to withstand a lot of beating, and many manufacturers will offer warranties of 20 years or more.

Both materials are great long term solutions for your flooring.

Care and Maintenance

Hardwood floors are easy to keep clean with regular sweeping or hoovering. You can deal with deep scratches by sanding and refinishing your hardwood

If you do spill any liquids, you need to make sure that you clean them up quickly to avoid staining or water damage. Hardwood floors cannot be wet mopped.

Vinyl floors are also easy to keep clean with a vacuum cleaner or a good sweeping. Unlike hardwood floors, any spills can easily be mopped up as water won’t damage a vinyl floor. If you do get deep scratches, however, you can’t refinish vinyl.

Visual Appeal

Hardwood has always been coveted for its beautiful appearance. It’s one of the key reasons that people are willing to pay for it over less expensive options.

A modern vinyl plank floor is increasingly hard to distinguish from hardwood at first glance. Whilst you will be able to tell the difference if you look closely, vinyl plank flooring does a great job of providing the stylish look of a hardwood floor without some of the downsides.


The biggest downside of all when it comes to hardwood is the price.

Even the lowest-quality hardwood floor will cost you more than most top-end vinyl flooring. High-quality hardwood can cost you as much as five times more than good quality vinyl.

If you want the look of hardwood without the burden on your finances, then vinyl plank flooring is a great option.

Are You Considering Hardwood or Vinyl Wood Flooring?

If you’re torn between hardwood vinyl wood flooring then we hope that this article has helped you to make up your mind.

If you’re looking for more great tips and advice for all things related to your home then we’re here to help. We have articles on everything from decor and DIY to organization and outside care.

Feel free to take a good look around.


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