Bowling at Home? 5 Exciting Home Bowling Alley Design Ideas

Bowling Alley home

Is there any more glorious life-goal than an in-home bowling alley? Swimming pools & Sports cars are great, but nothing screams leisure like a ten-pin lane at your home.

Best of all is that you can have it built custom to your place. Designs can indicate your current style. Or go all-out if you need something with a little more pizzazz.

Here are five surpassing ideas to consider if you’re thinking of bowling at home

1. Open Concept

What stricks to mind when you think of a bowling alley? The ambiance is typically dark, the scent of beer heavy in the music, air, playing in the background.

As encouraging as this is, it doesn’t have to be the only way to bowl.

An open-concept bowling alley combines your hobby into the greater household. It also opens up the enclosing area, allotting for greater flow.

It also allows plenty of options for location. A sunken living room can be a great place to convert. That also allows an overlooking view from other parts of the home.

2. Take It Outside

Sure, garden bowling’s already a thing. But that’s not what you’re here for. You want the real deal 16-pounder diving into ten-pins. That doesn’t mean you need to keep it inside.

A top will be necessary to preserve the wood from damage. Rain can cause wood to warp, and you can’t let that affect your game.

But a backyard enclosure can be a superb addition to your property, to say nothing of the convenience of backyard bowling. A built-in fire pit and even a water feature can be included to dress-up your installation.

Bowling Alley outside

3. Unique Wall Features

Installing a home bowling alley kit provides you the freedom to get wild with your purpose. Your walls are a magnificent place to go crazy.

Built-in aquariums add a unique ambiance. They’re also good for you. There are few things more uncommon than ceiling-height enclosures, from the virtue of their inhabitants to the way they cast light.

If going under the sea isn’t for you, think of what else catches your personality. Bookshelf walls add a touch of elegance. If you really want to get classy you can grow your bowling alley as a wine room. Built-in wine racks bordering the laneways are both beautiful and convenient.

Bowling Alley family

4. Media Room

Face it, bowling alleys are loud. If you’re installing an alley in your home, you’ll need to analyze acoustic treatments to lessen the noise.

Know what else is loud? Theater-quality speakers.

So why not join them in the same room.

Combining both these modes of entertainment makes a ton of sense. It also enables you to combine resources. Your TV can substitute as your scoreboard. Theater seating can simply provide bowlers tending their turn.

Bowling Alley inside

5. Keep It Classic

Part of bowling’s appeal is the environment. While a home alley ensures you never wait for the best lane, there’s something to be said for that classic bowling alley environment.

A retro design speaks to the sports’ roots. It creates a refreshes environment focused on one thing only –  bowling.

Bowling at Home

Whether for pleasure or for sports, bowling at home is a great accessory to your household. Having the freedom to customize your alley to your tastes only makes it better.


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