Looking for the Divorce Lawyer: Tips for Finding the Right One:

divorce lawyer

The decision to move off from your partner can be devastating. But, the process need not be frustrating. Hiring the right lawyer can speed up the process. How should you choose the right lawyer? Here are tips for you which will help.

1. Don’t vent:

When you want your divorce lawyer to understand your needs, it does not mean he or she should listen to your frustration and anger. Understand the purpose of hiring a lawyer is to represent you, in the best possible manner. So, give the lawyer a detailed account of your assets and custody details. The lawyer cannot take up the role of a therapist. Ensure you cover the important points. Never treat the attorney, as a therapist, to who you go to vent out your emotions.

2. Try other options out:

You need to find what sort of divorce attorney you need. Mediation is the best way out. However, this works if there aren’t a lot of complications. If you and your spouse are on the same page, In a situation like this, you need professional representation from the leading Chicago divorce lawyer. A litigated divorce is the only way out if neither of you agrees to compromise on certain grounds. When you are hunting for the divorce attorney, first understand each type of divorce lawyer will take you towards the divorce process, based on his or her expertise. So, it is your responsibility to find out what type of lawyer will work for you.

3. Gradually narrow down the search:

It is obvious that you are devastated by the idea of a divorce. It’s also possible that you may be frustrated, or may be a long-pending decision now coming to reality. But, that does not mean you need to stop thinking straight. Don’t rush to any random lawyer and pay to hire him or her. Your choice should be someone who specializes in family law, and into the specific type of divorce process, you prefer. Also, the lawyer should possess experience and expertise. Meet a few attorneys, before making a decision. To narrow down the search, you should know who to ask or where to look. Ask for recommendations from friends, or read the online reviews about the lawyers or the law firms.

When you have identified a few lawyers, don’t shy away from speaking to them. If you don’t want to walk into the offices of multiple lawyers, then you can start with a phone call. Speak to lawyers, and check what sorts of cases they represent. You should be straightforward and ask about their charges. The lawyers can choose to get paid based on the settlements. So, decide if you would be able to make the payments accordingly. Also, check if the lawyer is experienced in handling divorce cases.

4. Focus on the goal:

Your goal is to get separated from your partner legally. For this, you would appreciate if you are not spending too much money. So, speak to the lawyer and let him know what your concerns are. If you are being too emotional and don’t want to split the assets, the case is likely to drag for months or years. Do you want that to happen? If you want a speedy divorce process in Oklahoma, then you need to agree on certain things like alimony, OK child support, and asset splitting. But, you need not let the water flow above your head. Come to a conclusion based on logic and rational decision making.

5. Red flags:

Like any profession, you will find lawyers who do not fit the purpose; you want them for. Additionally, when you are going to deal with something emotional, and the lawyer is not keen on hearing your needs, you may not want to select the lawyer. There are other red flags too. Does the lawyer spill beans on the cases of other clients? Does he charge excessively more than the rest of the lawyers? When you see that the lawyer keeps speaking on the phone or playing around with it, he or she is never a good choice. Even if he or she gets important emails or calls, being constantly distracted means that your case does not hold importance to him.

6. Affordability:

If you are ready to pay thousands of dollars on your lawyer and get things done in the way required, you need not check about the ‘affordability’ factor. Not a lot of people can afford lawyers who charge a lot.

If you want to save your precious dollars, for supporting your child, or paying the alimony, it is not a wise idea to spend excessively on the lawyer. Be honest about yourself. Can you afford the charges of the lawyer? If no, don’t choose the lawyers who handle high-profile clients only, if you fall, in their category. Choose someone who can understand your lifestyle, and who can fight your case at a ‘reasonable cost’.

7. Make a questionnaire:

You would often be meeting a lawyer and talking to him. If you think that you can discuss certain points for the next meeting, there are enough chances; you forget the same, or your lawyer may chide you for letting it go previously. So, the best idea is to write down all the questions you want to ask your lawyer. If it is your first meeting, then definitely write the questions you want the answer. This helps in identifying red flags and will help in choosing the right lawyer.

8. Be honest:

When you speak with your divorce, speak your heart out. Not the emotional venting part, but list out all the facts. If your spouse blames you for certain things, accept your mistakes to the lawyer. This helps in fairly representing you in the court. Also, do not hide any details of your assets. Let your financial situation be known to the lawyer. If you hide assets or financial details to bring down the amount you would be paying your lawyer, your spouse may anytime disclose the details, during the trial.

You should ponder if you need the custody of the child. Do not let this fact ruin your sleep unless you need the child to stay with you. If you are financially not sound, and still need child custody due to any reason you know best, you can ask your lawyer to fight for child support.

9. Listen to your intuition:

When you have covered all the points and identified the best lawyer to ease the divorce process, but if the lawyer advices you to ‘settle’, you should give it a thought. The right lawyer will never make you go through hell. A good lawyer will never make you feel stupid. He will never make you cry, and if you ever feel that you don’t like the lawyer after an interview, feel free to walk out politely. Also, if the lawyer doesn’t give hopes after a few months, don’t hesitate in choosing another lawyer. But, be clear and polite in refusing the services.

It is important to pick the right lawyer for the divorce process. Changing your lawyers doesn’t give a good impression. You can get to know more about divorce proceedings, child custody and paying for support, and alimony from various online sources, including the internet.



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