5 Ways You can Clean Your Room Air Purifier Easily

room air purifier

An air purifier is not a tool that you can live without. Especially if you live somewhere like South Korea. The best room air purifier literally filters all unnecessary contaminants out from your home air.

However, you can’t expect the device go well if there’s no maintenance and clean up session going seriously. Due to such objects trapping into this device, the filter is prone to get dirty and at some point, it might even shut down. So, it’s important to clean air purifier and figure out ways to do so.

You should try to clean up at least once every two to three weeks. This way you can easily enjoy a long-lasting and improved performance of air purification.

Cleaning Air Purifier in Different Ways

So, there are various ways to clean the air purifier and keep it in a good position. I have around five methods to clean up a purifier using minimal tools.

The Hot Water Way

Cleaning the air filter is extremely simple using hot water technique. For the method, you need to use hot water that is short of boiling. Simply soak the air filter into it and let that stay this way for some moment.

You should include some soap or liquid cleanser into the hot water and mix it well. Then dip the filter inside it to let soak.

However, make sure you have read the instructions well before going with this way. It’s important to go over the manufacturer’s instructions set.

Vacuum Out the Dirt

There are many models of air purifier that only allows to clean using the vacuum method. This is because the filter might get damage with water contact for a long time.

So, when you are going for the vacuum clean way, make sure to read cleaning instructions. You can find them inside the manual coming along with this device. Also, the brand’s website should show some good instructions to go for vacuuming.

Usually, the best way to vacuum is by using lowest possible speed. You may want to clean the filter with compressed air as well as a stiff brush.

Keeping Under the Sunlight

There are some air purifiers with an activated carbon filter. These are not necessarily requiring any kind of brush or vacuum. Because these filters usually soak the bad odor or smell from air. So, you won’t need to do any serious clean up manually for such filters.

The most common way to clean such type of filter is by directly keeping under sunlight. It should stay under the sunlight for around two to three hours. This should be enough to get rid of any bad odor or smelling element from the carbon filter.

Softly Brushing Off

Ionizers and negative ion generators are special types of air purifiers. These especially don’t have any filters inside.

But still, you have to clean these models quite frequently. Turn off the plug of the device and make sure there is no connection with electricity. Now open door of the chamber and see internal unit.

Using a soft and less bristle brush, gently clean the internal parts. Don’t force or speed up. Do this with slow hands. Gradually all dust should come off. After that open the unit and connect outlets again. Use the clean version now.

Power of Ammonia

Ozone generator is also a widespread known air purifier that many uses. The frequency of use will basically decide after what interval you should be cleaning it. However, the ozone plate needs cleaning once every couple of months usually.

First, start with disconnecting any electrical power from the unit. Now safely get rid of the ozone plate. You either need to eject or pull it out.

Now make a solution of hot water and ammonia with a similar ratio. Make sure you give it some time to dissolve properly.

Let the ozone plate soak inside this solution. Get a soft-bristled brush and scrub off the dirt gradually. Don’t force or rub, use gentle hands. Now let the plate dry completely. Once it dries off, simply put it inside the slots. That’s it!


So, that’s how you can clean an air purifier using five different ways. Of course, you need to deal with it safely and wear proper safety gears.

This is a must-do routine that will help to prolong the life of your air purifier. So, don’t get weak here because whether we like it or not, an air purifier does need some maintenance to keep running well.

And, we, of course, don’t want to spend an extra amount of money to get a new one when the old device shuts off due to improper handling. Good Luck!


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