Home Cleaning Hacks: 10 Professional Housecleaning Tips That Will Blow Your Mind!

Home Cleaning Hacks: 10 Professional Housecleaning Tips That Will Blow Your Mind!

99.998% of people in the United States have a home. That number is pretty impressive given the scale of the United States and the diversity of governance that we see on a state by state basis.

While having a home is obviously a great thing, it does come with its drawbacks. The most menial yet annoying drawback for most people that find themselves tired after a long day is cleaning.

Whether it’s washing dishes, wiping down counters or dusting ceiling fans, millions of Americans do whatever they can to put off any task having to do with tidying up their house until tomorrow… Or the next day.

To make your life easier and hopefully inspire you to tackle your to-do list, here are ten professional housecleaning hacks that are fun, practical and totally worth leveraging.

1. Use a Doormat

Do you find that your carpets and wood flooring get dirty constantly? If you do, installing a doormat could revolutionize your life.

You and your visitors taking five seconds to scrub your feet on a doormat before entering your home could cut down on the amount of dirt, snow and salt that gets tracked into your home significantly.

2. Pillowcases Are Fabulous Fan Dusters

When you dust your ceiling fan, all kinds of gunk inevitably ends up falling off of your fan and into your room. Wouldn’t it be great if you could clean your fan without spreading its filth to the rest of the area?

With a pillowcase, you can!

Stick one of your fan’s blades inside of your case and pull off its dust so it gets captured safely in your case’s pouch. When you’ve collected all of your fan’s dust, turn your case inside out into a trash can, empty it and it’ll be ready to wash.

3. Put Your Dishwasher to Work

Professional housecleaning wisdom contends that the dishes you put in the dishwasher are much safer to eat off of than hand-washed dishes. That’s because dishwashers heat water to over 175 degrees which reliably kills bacteria.

By the way, dishwashers aren’t only great at cleaning dishes. They can also clean most vases that you have around your house so feel free to throw those in as well!

4. Tackle Wine With Calcium

We’ve all been there before… Enjoying wine on a Friday evening until accidentally knocking over your glass and losing your security deposit because of the massive stain that forms in your carpet.

Fortunately, there’s a professional housecleaning go-to substance that’s a master at moping up wine… Milk!

Pour a generous amount of milk over a fresh wine stain, let it sit for an hour and be amazed as you soak it up.

5. Tidy Up Your Table

Your dinner table is a busy place in your home which is why housekeeping resources like Homelization offer a ton of tips on how to keep it in great shape.

The tip that we have for you is aimed at getting rid of those pesky watermarks that wood tables pick up when people don’t use coasters. To make watermarks disappear, put some household mayo over them, let the mayo sit for 15 minutes and wipe the mayo off in swirls with a paper towel.

You should notice a significant reduction in your water mark’s appearance.

6. Go Natural

If you have kids and pets in your home, do what you can to ditch chemical-based cleaners and go natural. Some of the most prominent cleaning figures that are out there swear by vinegar, lemon and baking soda mixes.

Just be aware of which specialty surfaces (wood for instance) might have an adverse reaction to the components of your homemade cleaner.

7. Give Your Toilet a Daily Swish

There’s nothing worse than having to spend 40-minutes on a Saturday deep-cleaning a disgusting toilet. The best way to avoid that fate is to give your bowl a light cleaning every day.

All you have to do to accomplish that end is pick up a toilet brush and swirl it around your bowl every evening.

8. Learn How to Vacuum

Carpets are 4000-times dirtier than your toilet seat. In order to give them a good cleaning, you’ve got to learn how to vacuum properly.

Vacuuming the right way comes down to doing the job slowly. Once you’ve committed to a steady pace, vacuum each room vertically and then horizontally to maximize the amount of dander and bacteria that you pull up.

9. Revive Your Dirty Microwave

Does your microwave smell like stale pizza bagels? If it does, breathe some fresh life into it by grabbing a bowl, filling it with four tablespoons of lemon juice and heating the juice up for two minutes. As the juice turns to vapor, it’ll make your microwave smell fresh again.

If your microwave is dirty, be sure to wipe it down with a natural cleaning solution before trying to make it smell good.

10. Get Those Burned Baking Sheets Back up to Speed

Baking sheets are very good at collecting scorched up bits of all kinds of things. If you can’t seem to scrub off all the gunk on your sheet, soak it in hydrogen peroxide, let your sheet sit for fifteen minutes and then wipe it down.

Your baking sheet will look as good as the day that you bought it!

With Some Effort and Creativity, Professional Housecleaning Is Within Everybody’s Reach

Professional housecleaning is something that most people leave to the pros. Armed with our tips though, we’re confident that you can enjoy professional-level cleaning results without having to pay somebody $70.00 per hour to scrub down your home.

Have fun leveraging our advice during your next cleaning extravaganza and feel free to read more of the newest lifestyle content that we have up on our blog.


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