Some Great Tips That’ll Help You Flaunt Darkest Mehndi At Your Wedding


Mehndi is one of the most important “Solah Shringaar”(Sixteen Embellishments) for any Indian bride. And there are really many popular beliefs that are associated with the colour of the mehndi applied on the brides’ hands and the time it takes to fade away.

It is really a popular belief that the darker the colour of the mehndi applied to the bride’s hands, the more love will be there between the groom and the bride. The more the time it takes for the mehndi to fade away also have a lot of importance in the Hindu culture as it is considered the longer the mehndi will last, the longer will be the bond of the couple.

So, in order to get the best mehndi, we asked around and gathered some great tips by bridal mehndi artist in Pune that you can follow. The below-mentioned tips will surely be really great and will enhance the colour of mehndi.

Eucalyptus Oil

One of the most common and efficient ways to darken the mehndi is to apply the eucalyptus oil on the mehndi patterns after washing off the hands. You can also go ahead and repeat the process a no. of time for darkening the mehndi even more.

Let It Dry Naturally (Preferably Leave Overnight)

The best thing that you can do to darken your mehndi patterns is to do nothing. The more time you give to the mehndi the more it will darken. Yes, we understand that time is the most precious thing that you have, but a darker mehndi requires investment. When the mehndi gets all dried up you can ask someone to tape it up and to avoid it getting dusted off. We really recommend leaving the mehndi on your hands overnight for the best results.

Take A Nice Warm Water Bath Just Before Applying Mehndi

You must remember that you won’t be able to bath for atleast 24 hours after applying the mehndi. This makes it really important for you to bathe in advance. Taking a hot water bath will be ideal as it will open up the pores that’ll be helpful in absorbing the colour of the mehndi much more efficiently.

Smoke It

Another great way to darken the mehndi is by heating up some cloves in an iron pan and then when the smoke starts coming out you can place your mehndi over the smoke. You can hold out your hands until you can bear the heat.

Lemon + Sugar Solution

Lemon and sugar solution can really do wonders in darkening the mehndi design patterns on your hands and feet. You can apply the solution as soon as the mehndi dries off. Repeating the process, again and again, will help you get the darkest mehndi.

Stay Away From Water

It’ll be safe to consider water as the enemy of your mehndi which must be stayed away from, whenever possible. Each time you wash your hands with water or by using a soap a top layer of mehndi gets washed off making it lighter.

Apply Vicks To Your Hands

As soon as you dust off the mehndi after keeping it on overnight, apply a generous amount of Vicks on your palms. The mint essence present in Vicks really helps in darkening the shade of the mehndi patterns applied on the hands.

Apply Well In Advance

Yes, it is important that you apply the mehndi patterns well in advance. It’ll be great if you can organise your mehndi ceremony 2-3 days before the wedding as the mehndi will be the darkest on that day.

Following these tips will allow you to have a really dark mehndi on the day of your wedding which you can flaunt to your guests and the love ones. This will enable you to express your love towards your partner and will help you get a mehndi that lasts really long.


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