Tips on Getting a Stunning New Kitchen

stunning kitchens

So you have decided to dive and invest in remodeling your old kitchen and breathing in some life in it?

You must have dreamt, lived the moments, planned and saved for months, to get the long desired kitchen. We can help you with tips will enhance your planning. And will ensure that your new kitchen is nothing lesser than the ultimate kitchen of your dreams.

How to get a stunning new kitchen

Select the correct layout

When starting with the planning of a new kitchen, the primary and the most vital step is to strategize the design. You must be done in a way to make the maximum use of the available space.

Have you heard of the ‘working triangle’? It is the plan which clearly draws out which were the sink, cooktop and refrigerator sits in context to each other. Once these crucial elements are in place, placing everything else makes a matter of jiffy.

While you need to place these three elements within easy reach of each other, you also need to keep preferable spaced at equal distances – thus creating the shape of a triangle shape. Technically the sides of the triangle should not be more significant than 2.7 meters and must be at least 1.2 meters wide. Thus making things easily reachable and also giving a spacious layout to your kitchen.

Create a friendly place

Don’t restrict your kitchen for cooking only – have a more open-plan, fit in some welcoming space, and select a flexible kitchen design.

Experts suggest that keeping spaces specified for cooking, washing, and chatting can be quickly done with simple changes in the deigning, or by amalgamating the kitchen’s decor with the living room. While not making the kitchen clumsy, it also helps you to link the separate zones together visually to create a unified scheme.

Style your kitchen

More and more Australian homeowners are adopting New York’s Hamptons style kitchen because it so perfectly fits in. It has a distinguished elegance along with the relaxed seaside feel.

So, if you are planning to create that stunning image with your kitchen, go for it. Get an unbiased palette of colors inspired by the seaside and tip it off with timber and wood to construct the ultimate Zen area.

You can also give a country charm to your kitchen – it can be anything from the French farmhouse to English cottage, or rural Italian Masseria. Each reflects warmth and offers an inviting feeling. Finish it up with a traditional gas top, wooden kitchen tables, and freestanding furniture.

Select bold units

Reflect your unique identity and nature with a great combination of styles, colors, textures, and materials of the kitchen. Opt for conflicting shades for the shelves and the wall units. Inject charm with a range of cooking top materials, install different types of drawer pulls and handles.

And finish it up with the choice of furniture, lights, and accessories to make your life look more elegant while making it more straightforward too.

Play with the kitchen walls

Depending on your kitchen’s style, you can opt from the full range of wall pattern and materials. You can either play with the design of the tiles or have wooden walls. For a more contemporary touch, have tempered glass or splashback glass and fun to your kitchen.

You can also consider stimulating wall designs to complement the entire look, with scattered mosaic splashback in specific areas with raw-edged floor tiles that flawlessly blends into the engineered wood.

Open shelving

If you want to show-off your collection of ceramics and glassware, what better can it be than to have a few open shelves?

Moreover, the open shelves give a more contemporary feel to the kitchen, and you feel more encouraged to add a touch of personalization to your kitchen accessories.

To complement it, have some work of exposed brickwork done, with solid surfaces, unfinished woodworks, along with metallic finishing to all the essential elements. You can offset the dark colors with soft pattern worktops or flooring made of warm timber, transport in a dining table and select from the full range of light fixtures.


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