Personal Gift Ideas with a bit of a Twist

gift ideas

If you are fed up of wondering what to buy your friends and family, you are in the right place. Below, are five slightly unusual present ideas for you to consider.

Commemorative and precious metal coins

Golden Eagle Coins are attractive to look at and have the potential to be easily changed into pieces of jewelry. You can buy newly minted coins or look for older ones with a date on them that is significant to the person you are giving them to. Plus, coins that are made from precious metals like gold and silver have the potential to grow in value.

Commemorative coins are nice to look at too. They can also be turned into jewelry. But, doing so will likely to reduce its value.

Bond bracelets

Long-distance touch bracelets are becoming very popular. These electronic bracelets come in pairs. They are designed to allow you to let your loved one know when you are thinking of them. When you get them, you pair them up, so that they can communicate with each other regardless of how far away you are. Every time you think of your loved one you can touch your bracelet. At which point, theirs lights up and/or vibrates.

Friendship lamps

If you don’t like wearing jewelry, you might prefer the idea of a long-distance friendship lamp. They work on a similar principle to the touch bracelet. When you think of your friend or other loved one, you wave your hand over the top of your lamp. That sends a signal to the other lamp and it glows brighter or makes a sound to let them know that they are on your mind.

A food hamper

This gift idea may seem a bit old-fashioned. Over the years, it has become something people tend to buy only for their older relatives. But, if you have ever received a personalised hamper full of all of your favorites you will know that it is a great gift to receive. So, why not put one together yourself the next time you want a truly personal gift for someone’s birthday or other special occasions.

A click and grow garden

People are increasingly interested in growing their own food. But, not everyone has the time to do a lot of gardening. Others have no space for one. For them, giving them the ability to grow some of their food indoors is a great idea.

There are all kinds of hydroponic plant kits available on the market. The simplest ones enable you to grow your own herbs. They have built-in water reserves, which mean that you do not have to worry about watering and feeding them. Virtually anyone will have room for one on their kitchen windowsill.

Where to find a few more ideas

The above ideas may not be for everyone. But, hopefully, there is something there that has caught your attention. If not, you might like to click through and take a look at these further suggestions. All of the gift ideas you will find there have been chosen primarily because they are especially good for couples.


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