Tips for a Perfect Wedding Dress Shopping

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Wedding dress shopping is an exciting experience for every bride. However, the process can also be hectic and sometimes, very confusing and frustrating. Below are a few tips you should consider before planning your bridal dress shopping day for a smooth and effective wedding dress shopping experience.

Set a Budget

Before you start trying on a heap of wedding dresses, fix a wedding budget, and set an amount you are willing to spend on your bridal gown. If you are planning to purchase the dress online, keep an amount in your mind before adding all the dresses you see to your wishlist. Doing so not only narrows your choice but also helps you set realistic expectations in the process of the bridal dress shopping.

Start Shopping Early


High-quality gowns take six to eight months to get ready. If you want to buy bridal dress online, factors like shipping time, alterations, and multiple fittings can altogether take around ten to twelve months for your gown to be ready to wear. If you are running out of time, We understand that shopping for wedding dresses may seem intimidating, so why not to try our shop for try on wedding dresses at home by Avery Austin for the perfect solution and help you to find the dress of your dreams without the stress. You can still get the complete dress shopping experience with your bridal party, but in the comfort of your own home–no bad lighting, funhouse mirrors, crowded fitting rooms or limited inventory to worry about.

Choose an Ideal Bride Tribe

People who accompany you on the bridal dress hunt will play a vital role in helping you choose the ideal dress. First of all, you need to check the number of people other than the bride who are allowed in the salon. Then, you need to choose the people who actually need to be there and help you choose the perfect bridal dress. Many of your friends may be close to you, but not suitable for this occasion. You need to make sure that your bride tribe is uplifting, understand you completely, your choices, and the importance of choosing the perfect wedding dress.

Many brides have confusion about whether they should invite their future mother-in-law for choosing the dress or not. The answer to this is quite simple. If your future mother-in-law is supportive and you get along with her, why not? But, if she is judgemental and you share a contentious relationship, it is better to invite her for some other bridal event. All in all, your shopping group should consist of your close friends so that you are comfortable zipping and unzipping around them all day.

Bring the Ideal Innerwear and Footwear

Bridal experts suggest that wearing nude-colored panties and going braless should be your move. Moreover, strapless gowns are a lot more supportive than normal clothing. E.g., a strapless gown is more supportive than a regular strapless dress. If you want alterations, you can also wear a fancy bra underneath. If so, make sure you bring it with you on the shopping day so you can try it with various gowns. Otherwise, you can also get cups sewn in during alterations. Also, bring heels with you that you plan on wearing on your wedding day to determine the size of the gown needed.

Don’t Worry About the Size

Bridal dresses are available in various sizes and are different from street sizes that you wear on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, don’t get baffled when you see the size of your wedding dress. Moreover, if you are trying a dress at the salon, the chances are that the dress you are trying is a size that fits no one. Everybody needs alterations, so the dress you will select will be furthered tailored to make it fit you perfectly. Therefore, wedding dress shopping is entirely different from your general pick-a-size shopping.

Consider the Wedding Destination’s Climate

Full skirts with heavy fabrics are not meant for a hot beach wedding in Mexico. You need to keep the season and climate of the location in mind while selecting your wedding dress. If the climate of your wedding destination is hot, try to search for short wedding dress which suits the hot climate. If you are worried about sweating at a summer wedding, show some skin and stick to silks. On the other hand, if you are planning a late fall, outdoor wedding, full sleeves would be a better option to keep you warm.

Why Not Consider the First Dress You Like?

Bridal stylists are smart. If you come across a dress, you like a lot during your walk through in the salon, and they will put it on you first. In most cases, brides feel as they are becoming too hasty while selecting the wedding dress. But, many of them return back to the first dress they selected to shop bridesmaid dresses. Therefore, don’t be afraid to buy the very first dress you love.

Don’t Try Dresses That Are Out of Your Budget

Wedding salons are happy to let you try whatever dresses you like in the shop. However, you should avoid it at all costs, and there are several reasons for that. There are two main reasons why you should avoid it at all costs. Firstly, you may end up spending hundreds or thousands more than you estimated, which may strain your wedding budget and leave you in guilt, afterward. Secondly, the chances are that you might fall in love with the expensive dress, and no other dress will impress you as much as the expensive one did.

Get a Beauty & Spa Morning

Although this is an optional luxury, it can give a significant boost to the busy shopping day. If you are high on time and budget, get a blowout and professional makeup to provide yourself with a zen spa morning. The makeover will make you look wedding day ready, and it will be easier for you to imagine yourself in the dress for your wedding day.

Do Some Research

If you visit a wedding salon or buy a wedding dress online, you will be overwhelmed by the endless options presented in front of you. To avoid confusion, make sure you do some research at your end. Social media platforms and blogs are excellent for getting such ideas. Follow your favorite accounts, designers, and blogs to know about the latest collections and trends. Doing so not only helps you save time but also improves your choice. If you do some research before shopping, you know exactly what you are looking for, which enables you to facilitate the shopping process smoothly.


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