Stay Healthy on the Sea: How to Avoid Cruise Ship Sickness

Stay Healthy on the Sea: How to Avoid Cruise Ship Sickness

Is sailing on a cruise ship on your bucket list? You don’t have to wait forever.

Cruise ship sails are on the rise with an estimated 27 million passengers in the year 2018 alone. They offer a variety of fun-filled activities for all age groups.

So, you’ve been dreaming of this cruise for years. You finally are going to do it! The last thing you want is to get sick.

Follow these tips to avoid cruise ship sickness during your trip.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Wash your hands thoroughly using warm water and soap. Use a dry towel to dry the hands to avoid getting sick on a cruise.

If you have kids, ensure they learn how to wash their hands by scrubbing and not just running water over as hand washing is the simplest way to stay safe and healthy during your travel.

Carry Bottled Water

Incidents of water contamination during the cruise are uncommon.

However, it’s important to use bottled drinking water to stay hydrated and even brushing. Remember, better safe than sorry.

Get Enough Sleep Before Your Trip

Want to enjoy all the fun on the cruise, get enough rest.

A good night’s sleep will boost your immunity preventing cruise ship sickness. Enough rest will and keep you powered up so you have a great time onboard.

Steer Clear of Sick Passengers

It’s best to keep clear of sick passengers. They should be isolated and treated in order to prevent further spread of the disease.

Keep a safe distance from any passenger you notice coughing or sneezing frequently to avoid the spread of infections.

Disinfect and Sanitize

Disinfect your hands using antibacterial wipes or disinfectant provided on the dispensers on the booths. Use sanitizers on your hands and clean up your phone, TV remote, switches or doorknobs in your cabin.

A little caution will go a long way in preventing sickness on board.

Avoid Sharing

Sharing is caring but not during your cruise. Avoid sharing essentials such as utensils since some illnesses don’t show symptoms during the early stages.

Self-serving areas may pose a risk of contracting infections so be careful while eating that self-service buffet. Serving spoons may transfer bacteria and viruses.

Use disposable plates, cups, and cutlery on the dock.

Eat Well Cooked Food

Watch what you eat during your cruise. Heat kills infection-causing germs. Eating raw foods like salads may be safe on board due to the strict preparation guidelines.

On land, however, raw foods increase the chances of food poisoning.

Eating well-cooked food is a great start if you were wondering how to prevent food poisoning, especially when on land in less regulated countries.

Preventing Cruise Ship Sickness

If you have a history of motion sickness or have never been to a cruise ship before, plan ahead.

Get a doctor’s opinion on how to prevent the illness. The health specialist will also advise on vaccines for common illnesses in the areas your will dock.

Ensure obsessive hygiene on and off-board to prevent cruise ship sickness. Keep your family safe by using appropriate clothing for the weather and don’t forget your sunscreen.

With these tips, you will have the time of your life during the cruise. Be sure to check out our page for more travel tips.


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