4 Ways To Get The Space You Need Without Moving House

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If you are running out of space in your home, you have a big decision to make. Do you move, or can you find ways to add more space to your existing home? If you aren’t really that attached to the house or the area that you live in, moving might be the best option. But if you’ve fallen in love with your home and spent a lot of time and money making it perfect, it’s a shame to leave it all behind. You need to think about the area that you live in as well because if it’s close to work and you like the neighborhood, you might not want to live somewhere else. In that case, you have to find ways to get the space that you need in your current house. These are some of the best ways to get more space without moving house.

Attic Conversions

If you have an attic in your house that you don’t use for much apart from storing junk, that’s wasted space in your home. When you’re short on space, you can’t afford to waste a large area like the attic, so you should consider converting it instead. It’s ideal for turning into another bedroom or, if you have a home office, why not move it into the attic instead? Then you can use the room downstairs as another bedroom, bathroom, or living space. Attic conversions are very popular with families because, as the kids get older, you can’t really have them sharing a room anymore, so creating another bedroom in the attic will give you all of the space that you need.

Before you convert your attic, it’s important that you check whether it is viable or not. You need to measure the height and make sure that a good portion of the attic is tall enough for people to stand in comfortably. Check the floors as well because a lot of attics will need steel beams to support them so they can take the weight of all of the furniture and people. You will also need a permanent staircase leading to the attic if you are going to convert into a livable room, so you have to consider where that is going to go.

Basement Conversions

Basements are another area in the home that rarely gets used. Most of the time, it is either used as storage or a utility room. But the basement is a big space that could be used for something so much better. There are some great remodeling companies out there that will be able to turn your tired looking basement into a great living space. Check out this website for more details on how you could completely transform your basement and increase your living space by a long way. You can make it into a large bedroom with an en suite bathroom or you could turn it into another living room.

Damp can be an issue in basements so it’s important that you check before you go ahead with the conversion. If there is a problem with water getting into the basement, you need to make sure that you can deal with it before you turn it into a living space.

Garden Sheds

You might not think that a garden shed is a good way to create more living space, but that’s where you’re wrong. We’re not talking about a wooden shed to store tools in, sheds have come a long way. If you install a modern shed in the garden that is insulated and potentially even heated, it can serve as a functional space outside of the home. It’s not ideal as a bedroom, but you could easily turn one into a workshop or a home office. That means you can free up some rooms in the main house and they can be turned into extra bedrooms or living spaces.

Building a shed in the garden is a great option because you don’t need to worry about planning permission. It’s also going to be a lot cheaper and easier than doing a full room conversion in the attic or the basement. If you’re working on a budget but you are desperate for space, this is one of the best ways to get it.

Clear Out The House

Adding space is sometimes necessary, but a lot of people find that they don’t have a lack of space, they just have too much stuff to fill it. It might be that you just need to clear out some of your old junk and reorganize the house a little bit. If you swap out some of the larger pieces of furniture and replace them with something smaller, that can make a big difference as well. You should always declutter and see if that gives you enough space before you start converting rooms.

Moving house isn’t your only option, these are all great ways that you can keep the house that you love and get the space that you need at the same time.



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