Meet Your Ultimate Traveling Gap Checklist

Meet Your Ultimate Traveling Gap Checklist

Breaks play an important role in the life of both the current and future student. It is no secret that learning takes a lot of energy, and you need to be able to take a breath. Especially, you need a good rest before entering university. We have prepared the ultimate traveling gap year checklist for you to make your year really calm!

Explore Your Destination

The best option would be to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the place where you are going.

  • Firstly, the date of your arrival may coincide with some holiday, which may affect the increase in prices or impede traffic. Also, many institutions may not work.
  • Secondly, in many countries, there are various laws that you may not even be aware of. For example, you might didn’t know that in Paris, it is forbidden to take a photo of the night view of the Eiffel Tower and transfer them to other people. In addition, in Madrid you can’t take pictures of the police, you will be subjected to pay a fine instead.

Explore local traditions and customs. Respect the culture of others and follow traditions so that you do not have conflicts with the local population.

Take Copies of All Your Documents

Be sure to make copies of all important documents in advance. For example, you will be able to leave your important documents in lockers and carry a photocopy of your passport with you. They will come to your advantage when renting a bicycle or, for instance, in a currency exchange center.

Take Care of Your Suitcase

It’s not worth putting a bunch of evening dresses for girls, or smart dresses for guys. Casual items are the best for your trip. Choose a wardrobe so that it matches with a backpack and you can go to restaurants. Pay particular attention to your shoes. Most likely, you will have to walk a lot, so the shoes must be comfortable for long walks. Also, familiarize yourself with the climatic conditions and weather in advance so that in the end, you do not have to carry your suitcase of unnecessary things. Please note that valuables are best put in carry-on baggage so that they are not damaged during transfers.

Forewarned Is Forearmed

Find the numbers and addresses of the embassy in the place you eat in advance. Also, look at all kinds of organizations that help foreign citizens. In case of emergency, it will be better when you know where to go. So you will feel safe.

Don’t Forget Your Phone

Rather, do not forget about the chargers. Many were faced with the fact that the mobile phone was discharged at an inopportune moment. And the lack of a mobile phone in our time can cause a panic attack. Especially when you are in a different place away from your home.

Today, it’s no problem to charge your mobile anywhere. You can simply take charge with you and, if necessary, charge your smartphone in the nearest pub. You can also buy a power bank, and then the problem of a discharged phone will not bother you. Moreover, today, it becomes possible to buy various backpacks in which there is a mobile charging function. It would seem a trifle, but many are faced with this because they did not worry about it in advance.

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Talk to Your Bank Representative

Most likely, you plan to make most purchases with your credit card. Meet a bank consultant, and let them know that you want to use the card outside your country. Perhaps for these purposes, you will be offered another card with a lower commission. Alternatively, they’ll just advise about the features.

Check Your Health

If you are worried about your health, then consult with your doctor whether you can leave. You may have to wait a while with your departure or get along with the treatment of pills. It is important to understand that your health insurance may not cover the entire treatment. For example, going to the dentist can turn into a great sum for treatment. Health is not a joke! Therefore, it is better to protect yourself in order to go with a calm soul!

Tell Loved Ones about Your Route

Your loved ones or family should understand where you are going. You can print them a plan of your route and contacts of places where you will stay. It will be calmer not only for your family but also for you.

Also, take care of how you keep in touch with your family. For example, you can communicate through social networks; now, Wi-Fi is not a problem. Moreover, it can be found almost everywhere.

Trust but Check

Rather, it is better to say that you should not trust strangers much. Especially when you ask to look after expensive things. In appearance, your casual new friend may be a decent person, but it may turn out to be an ordinary fraudster.

Do not communicate with dubious persons. If you are actively encouraged to see something or buy something with your hands, then it is best to refuse such offers! Be vigilant!

Control Your Finances

When you have already decided how much money you can spend, you need to correctly formulate your budget. It is always better to take some extra money with you. After all, all kinds of situations can happen when your expenses are higher than expected.

Also, provide options for how your family can transfer money to you if necessary. It is better to foresee all these issues in advance.

Complete All Things

The time has come to complete our work, which was postponed until later. Hand over books to the library, pay off debts, and throw away unnecessary things. If you have a couple of unfinished academic assignments, then you can ask for help at an online writing service.

Suspend your Internet contract, so you don’t run into debt later. Make it a rule to leave with a pure soul, and getting rid of trash is the best way!

Now you are aware of what you need to do before you leave. We want to pay attention that it is better to carry out all these points not the day before departure. You need at least two weeks. By following all these recommendations, you create the conditions for yourself that your traveling gap will be calm!


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